I want to update those of you reading my blogs.  Many of you remember about the first time we had a traveling family of Evangelists, Agents for Christ, visit our church. We went with them to Market Square to share the Gospel with the Lost.

One encounter involved one of our church members(Linda) and the Agents for Christ leader’s wife confrontation with a demonically possessed homeless man. After the encounter, it left  us in amazement how many are in bondage to the Evil One.

A year later…..

Linda starts a new job working at the local Lifeway Christian bookstore. One day last week, Linda told me of how the man we met down by the mass transit bus terminals was shopping in Lifeway. She described his physical, mental and physical capabilities completed changed. He was cleaned up, a countenance that was of a new Christ believer and follower.  He was asking for help on purchasing a new Bible.

I believe this was a God orchestrated event for Linda to start a new job at Lifeway to have the Lord bring in the former demonically possessed man she attempted to share the Jesus come into the store saved and seeking to become an obedient to the Lord as a Christ-follower.  God wanted to show Linda how she helped in planting one of the many Gospel seeds in this man’s life. She was totally stoked about the occurrence.

Linda will definitely will be rewarded at the Bema Seat for her faithfulness in sharing the Gospel.  We shall keep praying for this man to grow more in the Lord.

Til next time….Blessings.


Yes, the title to this blog post is true! As I was reading aloud God’s Word on a street corner along Cumberland Ave.(UT students walk up and down to eat and drink!) an atheist approached me and handed me the atheist version of the Christian gospel tract. It looks like the monopoly get out of jail free card and similar to the Christian version of the Get out of hell tract. The website on their tract at the time of the writing of this post is: http://godisjustpretend.com

I am keeping this tract and not throwing it away. It will remind me to pray for this man to come to faith and repentance in Jesus.

I moved elsewhere down Cumberland. This time I was on the corner in front of Taco Bell. Across the street was a bar with its garage doors open.(Tin Roof) Next to the Tin Roof was a liquor store.  I read scripture again and lots of college kids walked by me. A young pretty black college girl walked by me and for a few seconds  turned around from her friends and her eyes met mine. I smiled and said a silent prayer for her. Soon afterward, another group of kids walked by me. A young man told me to keep up the work. I handed him a tract. He told me he was a Presbyterian. I told him, “Well, I give it to you so you can give it to someone who needs it.” He said, “Ok.” He smiled and walked on with his friends. I kept reading scripture til I had the need to stop to rest my voice.  As I left, I prayed for everyone I met or who walked in earshot of me for repentance and salvation to those unsaved. To the saved, an encouragement for them to encourage them in the faith.

Now for all of  the believers reading this blog: As a unique prod to your soul, I encourage you to follow the Great Commission and share Jesus with others. If the Atheist Evangelist giving me a tract proclaiming his faith in Atheism(or lack thereof) then what a unique prod it should be for us to proclaim Jesus to ALL the Lord puts in our path. Time is running out, the Rapture is around the corner. Let us make sure people have the opportunity to hear the Gospel of Jesus(faith and repentance) so they can make the choice for the better and not miss the Rapture and miss the wrath and judgment of God for the unbeliever.

It was very busy on both Market Square and Cumberland Strip.(University of Tennessee Bar and Restaurant area) There were both the bar crowds and the Destination Imagination kids and sponsors galore.(Many Destination Imagination kids I continually ran across were from the “GREAT STATE” of Texas. Then finally ran into some kids from Arkansas and Illinois. It was mostly packed on the Cumberland Strip.  So before I step out in my car, I always “Pray UP.”  I would rough estimate on Saturday  day and night about 30 tracts and one “Invitation”  New Testament Bible(Holman translation) were given. I only found about three tracts on the ground, they were quickly recycled back to other people(Yes, Tractman does not like litter.)

As far as interesting moments, I would say when I ran into a large group of people, bar crowd and D.I. kids, if I gave one tract to someone, others would be holding out their hands or asking for a tract. That is encouraging when you have to work quickly when an opportunity to actually take requests for tracts.

One black gentleman receiving a tract started to carry on a conversation with me. So, I asked him if he would like a brand new New Testament Bible. He first started to say no, but then when I told him it was an easy translation to read, he decided he wanted one.

Here is a picture of the affordable New Testament Bibles I am giving away. They are only 50 cents at Lifeway stores.

Invitation Bible

These Bibles fit easy in my Messenger bag(murse, satchel, whatever you want to call it.) They have a follow the bible passage plan of salvation for the reader. You go to certain scriptures that will eventually confront the individual to an invitation to repent and put their faith in Jesus.

I carry a variety of tracts, bibles, other spiritual materials in my Evangelism bag. I do not necessarily use Way of the Master exclusively. Although I do have many of the WOTM in my bag, I do have Chick tracts, Fellowship Tract League, International Bible Society, etc. There is a strict guideline to what Christian materials I use. They must pass my Statement of Faith test. Mainly on the essentials, liberty on the non-essentials.


The D.I. kids love the Million Dollar Bill tracts and Carl Kalbfleisch “Constitution Freedom” business card tract.(If you run across any of the Texas Kids, Carl receiving one of the tracts in Knoxville, let me know…)

I pray for each person(s) receiving a tract for their salvation and if they are saved that they grow closer to the Lord.

One funny incident was when I was handing out several Million Dollar Bills, one kid politely said no. His girlfriend told him, “Jerome(not his real name), you better take one.” He then hung his head in shame and said he would take one. You go, girlfriend!(If this kid gets saved, his girlfriend is going to get a nice reward in Heaven for her persistent nagging of her boyfriend to take a tract.

Unique Tract Reactions

November 22, 2009

1 Thessalonians 1:5 (New Living Translation)

For when we brought you the Good News, it was not only with words but also with power, for the Holy Spirit gave you full assurance that what we said was true. And you know of our concern for you from the way we lived when we were with you.

God’s Word has can have an explosive effect on people. When sharing your faith, sometimes you can see people’s reactions.  I had three separate incidents by just using a simple gospel tract.

The first was an older couple. The man noticed I dropped a Million Dollar Bill.  He thought I accidentally dropped the bill.(I did not.) I told him I sometimes purposefully drop the Gospel tract which look like real money. He said that was neat. He then proceeded to tell me he was a retired minister and how it was a blessing to see someone evangelizing.  He encouraged me to never quit doing what the Lord started in me.

The second incident was at my every other year eye exam.  After the doctor was done checking my eyes, I showed him one of my eye illusion tracts(the curved angle tract).  He liked it and I told him he could have it to show his other colleagues in his eye profession. Then I told him there was a gospel message on the back of the tracts.

The last and funny incident was at KFC. I sat next to the trash cans.  I placed the fake Monopoly game piece(Get out of Hell free card) on top of the cans where the trays are returned.  I watch how one man took the card back to his family and church family, about 25 adults and children,  occupying half the KFC building.(Must have been Baptists. Ha! Ha!) He handed off to one of the ladies and she very loudly in the dinning area read the gospel tract. They kept the tract.

Just because someone attends a church and has the appearance of  a Christian, does not mean they are saved.  It maybe someone in the church group will come to actual repentance and faith in Jesus instead of playing church religion.

I did have other opportunities to hand out tracts or place them in unique areas such as benches, tables, books, and etc.  It was these unique incidents God let me encounter the explosive power of the Holy Spirit.