Romans 13:1

“Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God.”

In the Sunday evening service(Truckstop Ministries, Inc.) at Watt. Rd. Petro gas station, two men came to the service. One man was a trucker and the other man was a traveling street preacher. I was blessed by both men as much as the Lord let me encourage them.

The street preacher was traveling as the Lord let him. He has a home in Louisiana and he has a home church when not on his circuit.  His next destination was Washington, D.C.  Now anytime I meet someone, I always pray for discernment. The more I talked with him and asked him questions, the more I actually was talking to a legit Christian street preacher. He told me of his Salvation story and how the Lord led him to become a street preacher.

Bob(the street preacher), was a Vietnam Veteran. He is also an Artist. He showed me his homemade bible tracts. The pictures were amazing. The scriptures he used were from the Old and New Testaments. He  was accurate on the proper application of the verses. (He gave me a couple of his homemade tracts.)

One of his  journeys was in Denver, Colorado. He was cited for disturbing the peace while preaching the Gospel in the open air.  He prayed for divine leading while in court. As he was praying on the way to the court building, he met a Christian lawyer. The lawyer gave him free advice on what to do in his situation. He was told to plead, “No Contest”, as opposed to “guilty” or “not guilty”. This would give him the opportunity to state his case off the record.

During the Court proceedings, the judge looked at the charges and quickly asked Bob to plead “guilty or “not guilty”.  Bob told the judge “no contest.”  Then asked to judge to make his statements off the record.  The judge with a smile responded by stating, “you’ve talked to a lawyer haven’t you?”

Bob told the judge he was exercising his rights to freedom of speech. Then asked the judge about the ticket. On the ticket the officer labeled him a street preacher. He told the judge how only God could give a man the title of  “priest” and a government official cannot issue him this title of “preacher”.   From a legal standpoint a government official issuing religious titles is not  legal. Government cannot impose religion on a man.

The second question Bob asked the judge was concerning the charge of “disturbing the peace.”  Bob said, “How can I be disturbing the PEACE, if I am declaring  my faith about Jesus, the Prince of PEACE?”  He mention the fact how traffic noise was just as louder.  When the judge heard his statement about the disturbing the peace citation while bringing a message about the Prince of Peace being contradicting, the judge told him, “Good point, go in peace, case dismissed.”

Afterwords,  the three of us sat down to dinner in the restaurant.  We share more about each other lives. It was an awesome time and encouragement from listening to these men and their Christian backgrounds.  Sometimes, the Lord lets me learn from others while he lets me minister to people. I am glad to have made new Christian friends last night.  To God be the Glory!


Unique Tract Reactions

November 22, 2009

1 Thessalonians 1:5 (New Living Translation)

For when we brought you the Good News, it was not only with words but also with power, for the Holy Spirit gave you full assurance that what we said was true. And you know of our concern for you from the way we lived when we were with you.

God’s Word has can have an explosive effect on people. When sharing your faith, sometimes you can see people’s reactions.  I had three separate incidents by just using a simple gospel tract.

The first was an older couple. The man noticed I dropped a Million Dollar Bill.  He thought I accidentally dropped the bill.(I did not.) I told him I sometimes purposefully drop the Gospel tract which look like real money. He said that was neat. He then proceeded to tell me he was a retired minister and how it was a blessing to see someone evangelizing.  He encouraged me to never quit doing what the Lord started in me.

The second incident was at my every other year eye exam.  After the doctor was done checking my eyes, I showed him one of my eye illusion tracts(the curved angle tract).  He liked it and I told him he could have it to show his other colleagues in his eye profession. Then I told him there was a gospel message on the back of the tracts.

The last and funny incident was at KFC. I sat next to the trash cans.  I placed the fake Monopoly game piece(Get out of Hell free card) on top of the cans where the trays are returned.  I watch how one man took the card back to his family and church family, about 25 adults and children,  occupying half the KFC building.(Must have been Baptists. Ha! Ha!) He handed off to one of the ladies and she very loudly in the dinning area read the gospel tract. They kept the tract.

Just because someone attends a church and has the appearance of  a Christian, does not mean they are saved.  It maybe someone in the church group will come to actual repentance and faith in Jesus instead of playing church religion.

I did have other opportunities to hand out tracts or place them in unique areas such as benches, tables, books, and etc.  It was these unique incidents God let me encounter the explosive power of the Holy Spirit.

Isaiah 58: 1,7 (New Living Translation)

1 “Shout with the voice of a trumpet blast.
      Shout aloud! Don’t be timid.
   Tell my people Israel of their sins!”

7″Share your food with the hungry,
      and give shelter to the homeless.
   Give clothes to those who need them,
      and do not hide from relatives who need your help.”

(This outreach note is also made available to CCJ Facebook people, North Knoxville Calvary Kinship B.B., my blog and those on my email list.) Today was a very warm day for the Downtown Outreach. A collapsible cooler was donated to hold bottles of water and easier to move and haul. Thank you to the persons for it and the two packages of bottle water. It holds about 30 bottles of the Nestle water and a small bag of ice. The new cooler comes with a container to fill with water and freeze to keep drinks cooler longer. I was able to pass out about 24 bottles of water. I had 3 packs of water with a total of 84 bottles of water.

I was not able to give out all due to all the ice melted in the cooler and funds to buy ice were not available and I met up with a church out of Maryville that was handing out bottles of water as well. Since a Maryville church had already arrived before me, I respectfully moved to another area to hand out water bottles to for maximum impact and outreach to those not near where the Maryville church was handing them out. I also was able to handout bible tracts to people for them to read.

I ran across Teresea(the lady I met from the previous Saturday, she is a believer.) she made notice of my new bag that held my tracts.(one of the Wal-Mart  green bags.) I was using plastic bags but were splitting from the weight of the tracts. I met a couple and they said they thank the Lord for sending me to bless them. He has alcohol issues and I told him the Lord loves him and suggested to him to not drink himself drunk and dehydrate in the heat. Alcohol is a large addiction to the homeless population and many will drink out in the open but have the bottle covered in a bag to hide  what they are drinking from law enforcement.

I will most likely go this Friday instead of Saturday due to the Holiday. This is to provide opportunity to anyone among the CC Knoxville body or those wanting to replicate a similar ministry in their church. Please contact me via email: or call the Calvary Chapel Knoxville office to get my cell number.

Prayer Needs: Protection of those participating to not get hurt or overheat.

Protection of the water and bible tracts.

God to go before us to minister as he leads us to those downtown.

Authentic Conversion to Christ and turning away from sin(genuine repentance) to those we minister.

 Provision of bottles of water and ice.