It was a blessing to have the Agents for Christ ministry return to Knoxville for more Market Square Evangelism. Friday night was a blessing to have about a dozen of us convene on Market Square. It was the First Friday/Movie night on Market Square. It gave the 12 of us(Agents for Christ, Pastor Brian, Elaine and her son, and me) ample opportunity to share Jesus, pray, invite people to church, and pass out TONS of Gospel tract to the mass crowd.

We came across a variety, and I do say a variety, of  the most unusual people. Everything from Unitarians, Denominational church people(i.e. unsaved people in the church), Bible believing brothers and sisters in the Lord, strung out on drugs people, New Agers,  Self-proclaimed prophets, a Russian Orthodox priest in his garb(appeared like it was more for show than to be actually out ministering….. which kinda reminded me of the priest in the Good Samaritan parable).

Elaine had a terrific encounter in sharing the Gospel.

Thank you Agents for Christ for coming back. It uplifted my spirits. Evangelism can be a lonely ministry. Many in the church use the cop-out of “I’m not called to be an evangelist.” This may be true, yet they forget that the “Great Commission” applies to ALL believers. I just pray for more to step out and start sharing their faith with those they constantly come into contact.  If  we can get excited talking to one another about every time UT wins a football game, then as Christians we should be excited to tell others about our Savior, Jesus Christ.  It can be as simple a leaving a gospel tract on a bench in the mall. If you cannot go and evangelize, then please consider praying for others and myself going out into hostile territory in proclaiming Jesus.  If you have the financial means, then please support us in purchasing gospel tracts.(The gift of Salvation is free through Jesus, however the gospel tract does cost money.) Please see me how you can partner in Evangelism: going out, praying for the Evangelist, help defray costs of tracts, etc. Just pray and seek God in the reading of his Word. Note: There is a Heavenly reward for those participating in Evangelism. So act now.(Read the book of Acts for more details.)


Right after church and lunch, I hit Cumberland Strip(all the restaurants near the university.). Gave away several different tracts(Chick, Million Dollar Bill, Man of Salvation, etc)

One  older man wearing a Habitat for Humanity shirt took one of my tracts and as he was walking away spoke very loudly and sarcastically, “This is one of those ‘Holy Roller” tracts. What should I expect in the Bible Belt and in the State of Tennessee?”

I also went to a couple different corners on Cumberland Strip and read large portions of Scripture.(Book of Isaiah and John 3 and 4). One college man walked by me and scolded me saying, “You are wasting your time no one can hear you above the traffic noise”.) Ironically, he heard me since he walked right by me. So no time wasted on him as I prayed for his salvation in Jesus.

After watching a play in morning services in church about a Christian man appearing before the Bema Seat of Jesus. This seat is for the believers to be rewarded on what he or she has directly or indirectly done to honor and glorify the Lord.

For the unbeliever, the must appear before the Lord as they are cast away from the Lord into everlasting hell and fire.

I want to as much as I can in the power of the Holy Spirit in this life to bring God glory!  God be the glory for anyone repenting and coming to faith in Jesus or a believer becoming led by God to share their faith in Jesus more boldly.

A number of us went down to open air preach, pass out bible tracts/bibles, and engage in one on one discussion with people.
There were a lot of people….estimated according to reports up to 400,000. I estimate I was able to pass out about 300 tracts and about 5 bibles.
A group of Johnson Bible College Students engaged us on the evangelism methods.(passing out tracts, open air preaching, carrying signs with bible verses.) One of our men asked them what is wrong in the methodology. Apparently following in the tradition of open air preaching and interacting on spiritual matters in a public area like the  Old Testament prophets, John the Baptist, Jesus, and the disciples in the Book of Acts is not correct according to the JBC students.
I will note that we never yelled or were hateful towards any of our hearers. We read the scriptures out loud and did a little expounding on the text.
The JBC students told us what were doing is not effective and was turning people away from the Gospel.
We had more negative reaction from other Christians than we did from non-Christians.
The mindset of many Christian towards Evangelism is just inviting people to church or doing good works to people to hopes of non believers coming to the Lord.  Yet, the Great Commission given by our Lord Jesus is to “Go in all the world and preach the Gospel to every person.”  Going in the world means going where there is people. Boomsday is one place where we saw people. Going into to all the world doesn’t mean “Build a church and the non believer will come”(If I may borrow from the movie “Field of Dreams”).

If people come only come to the Lord solely on the basis of the idea that the church does nice things for me, then what will happen when the person is in need or greed and the church does not meet a that particular need? The church will have become nothing more than a “Welfare Program” meeting only physical needs.
The main focus of believers to present an unbeliever the greatest need, a spiritual need. That main spiritual need is Jesus Christ.

Cults and government programs offer help to people in order to win their trust and loyalty. The devil comes as an angel of light to deceive people. In the last days, the Devil will come in the embodiment of the Anti-Christ as one who will win people’s trust by claiming to solve people’s problems.  So other non-Christian groups and people can do “nice things” for people, which means Christians can only proclaim something that in not offered by the world .  God gives only the believer the ability by his Spirit to share the Jesus of the Bible.

Evangelism means getting outside the walls of the church and telling the lost about their need for Jesus. This is done under the power of the Holy Spirit, who will tell us what to say via the Word of God.   John the Baptist, Jesus, the Disciples preached “Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand, put your faith in God(Jesus). By seeing this done multiple times throughout scriptures, God is showing believers the example to follow in Evangelizing the lost.

Yet, many want to follow church traditions and societal rules rather than following the  Word of God. In our society we are being taught not to offend people and everyone needs to not confront other beliefs because we live in a country that gives people the freedom to choose their path.
Yet, are we not proclaiming the Love of Christ by telling someone if they continue on the path they are walking will lead them to their eternal death?
In the Old Testament, God tells the reader that if a watchman on the walls of a city sees an enemy approaching and did not blow the trumpet to the people to warn of impending dangers, God will hold that man accountable for the bloodshed. Yet, the blood will not be on the watchman if he sounds the alarm and people refuse to heed the alarm.

I agree with the Bible we are to do all things in love. Yet, in biblical love we will have to proclaim what the Word of God says even if makes people uncomfortable. Yes, we do not have to be mean in our approach. Yet, if we are truly led and empowered by the Spirit of God we will not go wrong. The message will go out in the way the Lord intended, even if it rattles some feathers of individuals.  Yes people have a choice, yet by not proclaiming publically God’s Word we are denying the person a choice they may not get. You may  be the one God sent to share of Faith and Repentance to  a person. It may be in the context of a public venue like Boomsday in Knoxville, TN or on a street corner passing out tracts, sitting next to someone on the bus, wherever you are currently located. God intentionally places us in every avenues of our life to shine and reflect Jesus to a lost and dying world. The Great Commission is a command, not a suggestion from Jesus.

This week marks my 4th year anniversary of living in Knoxville. It was God that brought me here, used all situations to make a firm commitment to my Jesus through repentance and faith of my Lord and Savior, Jesus.

As many of my normal readers are aware, the first Friday of every month is when the “artsy” people come and show off their talents. Jim and I meet an array of people enjoying the downtown festivities. This week I received  a handful of tracts from Acts Tracts. For those interested in the number of tracts we handed out, I estimate around 25.(now the number of people reading the tract: I know there was a lot of people downtown so let us just say we will have to wait til Heaven to find out how one tract given to a person affected other people!

One gentleman walked up to me and inquired about my tracts. He told me and from talking with him, he is a brother in the Lord. He is from North Carolina visiting his son.(His son attends one of the local bible colleges in the Knoxville area.) Bill was telling me he was looking at different tracts to give to people. I gave him two different tracts(different creators of the tracts).  He also told me he is also involved with the prison ministry and missions. I told him about the Acts Tracts as a good suggestion. It is encouraging to encourage another brother or sister in the Lord to follow the Great Commission.

Many fear getting rejected by the masses as a reason to not going out evangelizing.  Just remember persecution comes with the territory of being a follower in Jesus.

2 Timothy 4:2(HCSB/Holman Christian Standard Bible)

“proclaim the message; persist in it whether convenient or not; rebuke, correct, and encourage with great patience and teaching”

Do you enjoy a product in your household? If it is a helpful item, do you tell others the wonders of the product? Now lets bring this to a spiritual standpoint. If you proclaim the title, “Christian”, then what is the hold up of not sharing your faith in Jesus.? People’s lives depend on Jesus. Putting their faith in Jesus means they can give their sins over to Jesus in exchange for his righteousness. Thereby not being found a guilty sinner at the Day of Judgment.

You don’t have to stand on  a street corner with bible verse signs.(Unless the Lord guides and provides you to do it.) He may just assign you to a family member, co-worker, friend, an acquaintance, etc. As a believer, he will give you the words to say as you are led by the Spirit of the Lord(Zechariah 4:6).

You can even just place Salvation Gospel tracts in public locations. There is no limit to how God can lead you to share the Gospel in confrontational and non-confrontational settings.

The small men’s group at my church went out to one of the Knoxville parks and applied some of what we read from the book, “Share Jesus Without Fear”. Out of six men and a guide dog, we broke up in groups of two.

Tim and I went down by the fishing pond and met a family fishing off the banks. While we did not get to use the method from the book, we were able to share Jesus on the family’s understanding level and carry on in topics of interest: for example fishing. They did not attend church currently, so we invited them to ours if they choose to attend. No pressure.

The other men shared with us of their experiences and we prayed for the seeds planted.

Picture of the week:

Confrontational Evangelism:(verb) 1.To obey the Great Commission and get thine butt out of the pew and into the world.  2. To meet people by sharing the Gospel message.

This does not mean doing good acts of kindness in the name of Jesus. Although, doing good works should be fruitful evidence  of a believer’s life.

Evangelism is to explain to someone or a group of people how they are under the wrath of God due to disobedience and living a life apart from God. How God sent Jesus to die for our sins and allowing the wrath of God to be poured out on him instead of us. He also arose from the dead to defeat death and prove he was an acceptable sacrifice to the Lord.(Note: no other Jewish sacrifice prior to Christ or after Christ has arisen from the dead after being sacrificed.)  Because of the transaction our case at the Judgment Seat can be legally dismissed only on the condition of  our choice of  putting our faith(a surrendering trust in the Truth) in Jesus which means we turn(repenting) from our sins(actions contrary to God’s standards).

This is like a Christmas gift. God so loves the world he gave his one and only son, Jesus. That  whoever believes in him will not die but have everlasting life.  Everyone’s gift is under the tree(the Cross). The only way the gift of salvation can be operational is based on the condition we receive and open the gift. The gift cannot be left under the tree. If you appear before God’s Judgment Seat after you die without the gift(pardon papers,  lawyer/Jesus, etc.), you will be found guilty and sentenced to an eternity in everlasting punishment of Hell.

So, will you allow Jesus to represent you? He is the only way your guilty case will be dismissed. Call upon Jesus, NOW! You do not know the day of your Judgment.  Repent and put your faith in Jesus!

God calls all believers to share the Gospel…see Great Commission.

“Go into all the world and preach the Gospel.”

You may say I am not an Evangelist like Billy Graham. True. Yet, it does not mean you a void of the responsibility of sharing the Gospel with whom the Lord puts in your path.

Here is a question I have for you. What is the subject of the sentence of the Great Commission?  If you remember from English grammar, the subject in this sentence is not “go” or is it “world”.

According to English grammar rules the subject is “you”. The “you” is  implied.

“(YOU) go into the world and preach the Gospel.”

If you have children, you should be sharing  Jesus with them. If you have an unbelieving spouse, relative, friend, or anybody you meet, you as a believer should under the power of the Holy Spirit, whom you received when your put your faith in Jesus, will give you the ability to present the Gospel to anybody at anytime. You don’t have to develop a friendship first, it should be spiritually automatic and not humanly standard(using automobile terminology)  as a believer to share Jesus with anyone at  anytime.

Just wanted to share what God has placed in my heart to share for this blog post.

Now as far as what has occurred in outreach the past two weeks in Knoxville: I met a group of  black college students from Kansas City, Missouri on a summer conference at the University of Tennessee. I noticed they had purple tee-shirts with big letters of K.C.

When they said yes, I told them I was Joplin, MO and told them I had been living in Knoxville for the past four years. The Lord placed an open door for me to share the Gospel with them. I told one of the young men of what I do out here on Cumberland Strip and gave him a Million Dollar Bill tract.

I was wearing a Jesus shirt that was a likeness of the Obama red/blue color Warhol style shirts during the last presidential election.  I think he was surprised a white conservative Bible evangelist would wear something depicting a likeness to the Obama shirts. I told him the Gospel of Jesus Christ transcends human political boundaries. It was a way of delivering without compromising the Gospel. This is much like when the Apostle Paul went to a Greek marketplace/temple area that had an altar area dedicated to the “Unknown God”. From that altar, Paul was able alter the Greek way of thinking by explaining to the Greeks who is the “Unknown God.”

So this is one way which God allowed me to share the Gospel. Note it was not in my efforts, but by the Lord preordained before time began how he would let two men from Missouri to meet one another in Knoxville, Tennessee and have the Gospel presented.  When you realize it is God who does the evangelizing  by using you as an instrument,  you should be filled with joy how God chooses to use his people in his way to share Jesus with others.

It was very busy on both Market Square and Cumberland Strip.(University of Tennessee Bar and Restaurant area) There were both the bar crowds and the Destination Imagination kids and sponsors galore.(Many Destination Imagination kids I continually ran across were from the “GREAT STATE” of Texas. Then finally ran into some kids from Arkansas and Illinois. It was mostly packed on the Cumberland Strip.  So before I step out in my car, I always “Pray UP.”  I would rough estimate on Saturday  day and night about 30 tracts and one “Invitation”  New Testament Bible(Holman translation) were given. I only found about three tracts on the ground, they were quickly recycled back to other people(Yes, Tractman does not like litter.)

As far as interesting moments, I would say when I ran into a large group of people, bar crowd and D.I. kids, if I gave one tract to someone, others would be holding out their hands or asking for a tract. That is encouraging when you have to work quickly when an opportunity to actually take requests for tracts.

One black gentleman receiving a tract started to carry on a conversation with me. So, I asked him if he would like a brand new New Testament Bible. He first started to say no, but then when I told him it was an easy translation to read, he decided he wanted one.

Here is a picture of the affordable New Testament Bibles I am giving away. They are only 50 cents at Lifeway stores.

Invitation Bible

These Bibles fit easy in my Messenger bag(murse, satchel, whatever you want to call it.) They have a follow the bible passage plan of salvation for the reader. You go to certain scriptures that will eventually confront the individual to an invitation to repent and put their faith in Jesus.

I carry a variety of tracts, bibles, other spiritual materials in my Evangelism bag. I do not necessarily use Way of the Master exclusively. Although I do have many of the WOTM in my bag, I do have Chick tracts, Fellowship Tract League, International Bible Society, etc. There is a strict guideline to what Christian materials I use. They must pass my Statement of Faith test. Mainly on the essentials, liberty on the non-essentials.

The D.I. kids love the Million Dollar Bill tracts and Carl Kalbfleisch “Constitution Freedom” business card tract.(If you run across any of the Texas Kids, Carl receiving one of the tracts in Knoxville, let me know…)

I pray for each person(s) receiving a tract for their salvation and if they are saved that they grow closer to the Lord.

One funny incident was when I was handing out several Million Dollar Bills, one kid politely said no. His girlfriend told him, “Jerome(not his real name), you better take one.” He then hung his head in shame and said he would take one. You go, girlfriend!(If this kid gets saved, his girlfriend is going to get a nice reward in Heaven for her persistent nagging of her boyfriend to take a tract.

Sundown in the City is an every other Thursday event during the Spring and Summer.  Popular bands come out to Market Square to perform. It is a free concert. Beer vendors are out. Girls in very exposing clothes walk the streets. Its a very secular environment.

I went out walking and handing out tracts. I met up with some other Street Evangelists that set up a mini-church outside the gates of the event(in the park.) They were handing out similar Gospel tracts.

Of course there were some Jr. High kids mocking one of the evangelists as he presented the Gospel.  Many tracts were on the ground, but more were kept by those receiving the tracts more than on the ground.

I wanted to stay longer, however, my allergies progressively became worse. I thank the Lord for giving me a few hours to share the Gospel. Praying for seeds to be planted

When the Lord gives you a passion for the Lost, then you want to take any open opportunity to get the Gospel in the hands of people.  Handed out  several pocket Gospel of John and Million Dollar Bills.  Came across two guys high and smelling like pot. Gave one of the Million Dollar Bills(MDB) to one of the men, then the other wanted a Million Dollar Bill. This happened on several occasions both on Friday and Saturday. I choose one person out of a small group to give a M.D.B. then the others start asking for a M.D.B.  I definitely will not turn away a person wanting a Gospel tract.

Currently reading “Share Jesus Without Fear” by William Fay. This is an excellent book. Bought it on Friday. Now I am already on chapter four.  Time is short. Share the Gospel with anyone you meet.  Go in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Around 830pm I arrived on Market Square in Knoxville, TN. The Dogwood Arts Festival was not opened late at night. Yet, there were hundreds of people eating, drinking, and enjoying a nice evening. The Lord gave me some creativity in distributing  Gospel materials. I had about 20 Gospel of John(NIV) and a handful of the Christmas Million Dollar Bills. So I place a bill in each of the Gospel of John books.  The idea was a person will more likely keep the tract if placed in the Gospel book. I only saw two GOJ with/tract on the ground and another person rejected a Gospel of John. However, out of the 20 Gospel of John books 18 were kept by the receiver and another 10 Million Dollar Bills were given out.

Just planted seeds and pray other brother and sisters in the Lord will come and help me harvest on the Market Square “Farmville”(My reality version  of the Facebook game “Farmville”) Remember the Lord is the one that makes the seed grow. I do not have time to do Farmville on the Internet. Yet, I love doing real spiritual Farmville among the Lost in Knoxville.