Halloween Weekend Evangelism

October 31, 2010

Jude 1:22-23 (New Living Translation)

22 And you must show mercy to those whose faith is wavering. 23 Rescue others by snatching them from the flames of judgment. Show mercy to still others, but do so with great caution, hating the sins that contaminate their lives.

This weekend the college kids were out at the bars, this time in Halloween attire. I had some gospel tracts from A.C.T.S. tracts geared toward the Halloween theme. When I ran out of them I pulled what I had available in my satchel.

I pray for those taking and rejecting the tracts. Hopefully the next day they will pull the tract out of their pockets or purses. Many of the tracts get thrown on the ground or in the trash. Some actually keep the tracts.

Thank you Lord for giving me the opportunity to venture out in the public and share Jesus with the lost.


It was a blessing to have the Agents for Christ ministry return to Knoxville for more Market Square Evangelism. Friday night was a blessing to have about a dozen of us convene on Market Square. It was the First Friday/Movie night on Market Square. It gave the 12 of us(Agents for Christ, Pastor Brian, Elaine and her son, and me) ample opportunity to share Jesus, pray, invite people to church, and pass out TONS of Gospel tract to the mass crowd.

We came across a variety, and I do say a variety, of  the most unusual people. Everything from Unitarians, Denominational church people(i.e. unsaved people in the church), Bible believing brothers and sisters in the Lord, strung out on drugs people, New Agers,  Self-proclaimed prophets, a Russian Orthodox priest in his garb(appeared like it was more for show than to be actually out ministering….. which kinda reminded me of the priest in the Good Samaritan parable).

Elaine had a terrific encounter in sharing the Gospel.

Thank you Agents for Christ for coming back. It uplifted my spirits. Evangelism can be a lonely ministry. Many in the church use the cop-out of “I’m not called to be an evangelist.” This may be true, yet they forget that the “Great Commission” applies to ALL believers. I just pray for more to step out and start sharing their faith with those they constantly come into contact.  If  we can get excited talking to one another about every time UT wins a football game, then as Christians we should be excited to tell others about our Savior, Jesus Christ.  It can be as simple a leaving a gospel tract on a bench in the mall. If you cannot go and evangelize, then please consider praying for others and myself going out into hostile territory in proclaiming Jesus.  If you have the financial means, then please support us in purchasing gospel tracts.(The gift of Salvation is free through Jesus, however the gospel tract does cost money.) Please see me how you can partner in Evangelism: going out, praying for the Evangelist, help defray costs of tracts, etc. Just pray and seek God in the reading of his Word. Note: There is a Heavenly reward for those participating in Evangelism. So act now.(Read the book of Acts for more details.)

Sept. 25th Evangelism Outing.

September 26, 2010

After the evening traffic from the Sept. 25th Vols. win, I headed down to Cumberland Ave. and started handing out Salvation/Gospel tracts. One incident, I handed a gentleman a Gospel tract and told him, “Jesus loves you.” He became very hateful to me and very loudly said to ears of others nearby, “NO HE DOES NOT!” He wanted to appear macho to his lady friend accompanying him.  So by belittling me, he felt superior. I never take any insult personally when it comes to sharing the faith.

I read I Corinthians 13. The second time I read it, I substituted the word “love” with “Jesus”. Many people cocked their heads as I read this passage. Many are used to hearing the “Hell” and “Judgment” passages it took them off guard I would be reading this passage. I do read passages mentioning “Hell” and Judgment”. If it is in the Bible, it gets read. Paul stated to his readers, “Have I not shunned to declare to you the WHOLE COUNSEL of GOD?”(Acts 20:27).

I could also tell from the evening, I was getting some much-needed help from the Holy Spirit and the prayers of  believers. Evangelism is fun, exciting, and hard labor. So, I always ask the Lord for help in any way possible to carry out what he has gifted me.

On a positive note, I was able to share my faith with one of the security guys at a local fast food restaurant on the Cumberland Strip. During home games, extra security is hired at the fast food joints to help with any potential drunk or rowdy fans from both teams.

I always end in prayer after an evangelism outing. This helps me in knowing God has allowed me to share my faith by the power of the Holy Spirit.  I will be thankful for any seed planted in the heart of those reading the tracts. Time is short and I want to see as many people come to repentance and faith in Jesus.  So if I have free time in the afternoons and evenings, I want to obey The Great Commission.

Ok. After I left Wednesday night services, I headed for the University bar district. I handed out and placed a couple of tracts in the area. I then read scripture in front of a bar and liquor store. Two girls started mocking God’s Word. I never take anything personally from mockers and hecklers. They have a problem with God is the reason for their verbal and sometimes physical confrontations(knocking the Bible or tracts out of my hand, throwing liquid beverages and food at me, etc.) I take no worries cause I know it happened to men in the Bible and among the great evangelists of church history. I rejoice that I am apart of such great men, of whom I am humbled to at least hand out a tract a day and take no glory but give glory to God.

Evangelism Time in Tennessee!

September 5, 2010

For most East Tennesseans, you would not hear this statement in the title of my post. You would normally hear, “IT’S FOOTBALL TIME IN TENNESSEE! For all intents and purposes, I deal mainly in the area of ministry. Especially when it has to do with Evangelism.

I went down to Market Square and Old City to pass out tracts. I did a change-up in Old City after my normal stroll up and down the sidewalks. I actually stopped and passed out tracts on the Southwest corner of Jackson and Central.(In front of a closed down bar is where I did the street evangelism.)  I was getting tired, but had some Holy Spirit power giving me the energy to keep going as long as the Lord needed me.

Once older gentleman, Mike, was walking down the street a little inebriated. He could still hold a conversation after I gave him a gospel tract.  He remained by my side as I was handing out tracts. The rest was the Lord work. It is hard to hold a conversation with a man having one to many drinks. Yet, I knew this was an opportunity for this man to remain in one place and not get himself into any trouble. I shared a quick testimony of my life before Christ and after Christ. He told me he was saved and could quote scripture(albeit out of context). His conversations were not completely coherent due to the alcoholic intake. Yet, he still needed a listening ear and the love of Jesus displayed to him.

On the tracts I give out, I stamp my website on an available area on the tract. This is to help for any potential follow-up a person may have about spiritual issues if they do not have a church home or need a little more one on one before going to a church. I just pray that Mike does not lose the tract and starts seeking satisfaction in the Jesus rather than a bottle of beer.

Several others throughout the evening accepted a gospel tract. A few rejected or threw down the tract after taking a tract. Yet, I am just being used by the Lord to plant a seed and what happens afterward is up to the Lord.

Yesterday(Saturday), I was able to hand out and place tracts around the Knoxville area. One unique place to place tracts is at the gas pumps. If you have the business card format tract, they fit great in the credit card reader on the pump. If you have a tract like the Million Dollar bill, they fit wonderfully in the gas pump slot or in the handle lever of the pump. You may never know the next person to use the pump, but the one who repents of their sins and puts their faith in Jesus will thank you in Heaven.

Show me wisdom Lord where to place tracts so others can get the Gospel message in a way that would make them say, “How I received this tract was all in the hands of the Lord.” That would be awesome to hear stories in Heaven of what they went through at the time of receiving this tract.

Many of you receive the business card style of tracts from Carl K. down in TX.  I placed his Baseball trivia/gospel cards at a store in Knoxville which had the pocket schedules of the Cubs Minor League team “Tennessee Smokies”. It was the same size and I thank the Lord for the creativity.

Stardate: 4232010

I was unaware of the massive parade on Gay Street early Friday evening.  Found one parking spot on the very top of the State Street parking garage. The crowd was very heavy. I grabbed as many Trillion Dollar Bill tracts and Fellowship Tract League tracts as I could carry.(estimate 300 tracts.) Before I stepped out of the car, I prayed for God’s blessing and leading. The parade had already started as I walked up and down Gay St.  The first 150 tracts passed out were the Trillion Dollar Lincoln tracts.  They went extremely fast due to the fact people were actually stopping me to get a bill.(That is welcomed especially when people ask you for Gospel tracts. )  After the parade ended, I walked with the crowds to whatever direction they were headed and passed out more tracts. Directly behind Gay St. is my fishing hole, Market Square. Music festivities and heavy beer drinking was taking place. I started passing out what I had left. There were a couple of “not interested” people.(It was a given.) Many were receptive to take anything given to them that did not cost anything except three seconds of their time.  One of the most hardest people to evangelize is Asians.  They will never take a tract, except on young college guy amongst his friends. However, once he saw what I gave him, it was thrown on the ground.  Only a couple of theories of why Asian people are not reluctant to take a tract: Buddhism faith, international college students not realizing you can actually live out the Christian faith in public in America,  and of course “not interested” mindset.

It was very great weather to pass out tracts, although as of this Saturday night writing this blog, it is pouring down rain.

Going back to my car, I only had like maybe less than five tracts left over. (total of tracts handed out: 295).  When I got to my car, I thanked the Lord for the opportunity to get the Gospel out to a large number of people and asked for the seeds to take root and whomever to repent of their sins and put their faith in Jesus.

Gay man and Jesus.

April 12, 2010

As I returned from Monday night Bible study at church, I had a new packet of the Trillion Dollar Bills.(Lincoln on the front.) I pray for open doors. As I went walking up and down the University of Tennessee strip and passing out the bills, I was stopped by a homeless gay man, Jay.(Not his real name.)

Jay pulled me aside from his friends to talk to me after I gave him a gospel tract. He told me of his gay lover overdosing on drugs and died two weeks ago.  Jay was still grieving over the death of his lover. In my heart I prayed for the Holy Spirit to give me the words to say to Jay. Jay told me he was not saved but attends a small Catholic Church. The priest told Jay his lover was in purgatory.

I told Jay purgatory does not exist. I did tell him the story of the Rich man and Lazarus about prior to Jesus where the dead went. Then I told him after Jesus died and arose from the grave things changed. The believers are now with Jesus and the unsaved are still in torment.

Jay asked me to be honest and tell him where his former lover has gone.  I told him the Bible does not teach purgatory, only two places people will go once they die, Heaven and Hell. I told him I could only tell him what the Bible says. I told him I am not God and I am not his judge.  To comfort Jay, I told him in all honesty that if his former lover called out to Jesus before he took his last breath, then God says according to his Word in

Romans 10:13 (New King James Version)

13 For “whoever calls on the name of the LORD shall be saved.”

I told Jay to be comforted by what God has said in His Word and not in what man may say. I told him that he needs to call out to Jesus, repent of you sins and put your faith, you whole dependence and surrendering, to Jesus. I then told him John 3:16,17 For God so loved, Jay, that he gave his one and only Son, Jesus. That if Jay believes on him, Jay will not die but have everlasting life. For God came not to Jay to condemn him but that by him Jay may be saved.

I only tell people what God’s Word says. I dare not stand in the way of a man/woman coming to Jesus. Jay was broken. The Lord sent me to Jay to tell him that Jesus loves him. He kept the bible tract. I prayed for him and  that tonight, Jay will repent of his sins and put his faith in Jesus.

I told him I’m not here to condemn his gay lifestyle. I am here to tell you that Jesus loves you, died for you and wants to be his Savior.

His drunken friends dragged him away from me. As he walked away from me I called out to him that Jesus loves you and to call on Him and God will save you.

I started to pray immediately for him to repent and be saved. I told Jay during our conversation no matter how much he feels like God will never accept him, that if you(Jay) were the only person on earth, Jesus would still come to the world to die for YOU! You mean that much to him.

I can only trust the seeds planted in Jay will grow and that the devil will not snatch away the seeds. Lord rebuke the enemy off Jay right now so he can repent and put his faith in you, Jesus. Amen.

It has been awhile since I have been able to go to the downtown area without freezing to death and actually meeting people casually walking downtown and bar hopping. The weather was walkable tonight. So after talking with God, I grabbed some gospel tracts to distribute. The first stop was the UT bar strip, the second stop was Market Square, and finally to Old City area. Several tracts were both handed out and left in visible locations.  Jesus died for those partying in downtown Knoxville, many will not set foot in a church. So Jesus tells us to go to the sinner.

Now many of you will say, I evangelize by feeding the poor, smiling at someone, etc.   It is biblical to do good works and let Jesus’ love shine in us and through us. Yet, when Jesus fed the crowds and healed the sick, he did not stop with the act of kindness. The act of kindness was a “door opener” to present the Gospel. Yet, many of us fail to transition the act of kindness to share the Gospel with a person.(I don’t mean inviting a person to church, the Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses do well enough.) The Gospel is Jesus shedding his blood on the cross and rising from the dead to save those who come to him in repentance.

Many say, I leave the preaching and evangelism to the Preacher. Unfortunately,  the Great Commission was for all followers of Christ. You don’t have to quit your job and have mass crusades like Billy Graham. One way of evangelizing is to simply  give someone a tract. Many Christian bookstores and internet businesses have Gospel tracts. Just find one which fits your personality and can explain to someone if they inquire. Tracts are inexpensive and many places on the net you can get for free. Just use discernment in the tract us attain. Not all tracts are biblical or Christian.  My favorites are tracts from Chick tracts(the comic book tracts) and the Living Waters tracts(the million dollar bill tracts).

Praying for warm weather a.s.a.p.! Easier to hand out tracts when weather is warm and clear.