t was very nice weather conditions for the 2010 Knoxville Christmas parade.  There were thousands of people for the festivities.  Thank you for the prayers.(I found a free parking space!)

Prior to the parade, people were lined up all down Gay Street. I went up and down the both sides of the street handing out as many Christmas themed tracts. When I ran out of the Christmas theme tracts(estimate 90). I distributed what I had in my satchel.(estimate 100).

I had a limited time to distribute. Once the parade starts, all focus goes towards the floats.  In these situations, you do not have time to go into deep conversations. It was cool, after I had stopped passing out tract, a group of young grade school kids were handing out Christmas tracts. Awesome to see the Lord send in reinforcements.

After the parade, I journeyed to Old City(bar district in downtown Knoxville).  I have found a corner(Jackson and Central streets) to do open-air preaching.  Across the street was an art show. People were outside smoking(Cannot smoke indoors in Tennessee). So there was a little bit of a stable congregation.

A homeless couple stand next to me and listened to the Scriptures being read.  I paused for a bit to catch my breath. The man told me to keep on preaching cause they liked what they heard. So I took the gospel tract I was using for a place holder and read it to them. The tract had about 80% Scripture with the rest explaining the verses and the sinner’s prayer. I started to read John 3:16 and they quoted it from memory along with me. He asked me to pray for him and his wife.  So I did.

Both of them had alcohol on their breath. I have read and listened to others about not evangelizing  to people with alcohol in their system. People say it is a waste of time because they are not cognitive to their surroundings.  Thankfully, I following the leading of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God, cause I shared Jesus to them.  If Jesus and the disciple evangelize to those demonically possessed(people with the cognitive capabilities in bondage to demonic forces. ) and get deliverance and put their faith in Jesus, then the Lord can breakthrough the most drug addicted person to receive the Gospel.

Luke 4:18-19 (English Standard Version)

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me,because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.”

Street Evangelism is heavy spiritual warfare.  I am thankful for the prayers and I can tell when someone prays for me.  Prayer is a great weapon to disarm the enemy. Prayer reminds us the Lord goes before us, behind us and surrounds us. It is all the Lord in Evangelism. The Evangelist is just an instrument in Evangelism. I am thankful the Lord gives me opportunity to serve in Evangelism.

We can use all the help while in the trenches of spiritual warfare. Evangelism has many different branches.  Just ask the Lord for direction in helping those sharing Jesus to the Lost.  You can always start by praying.(Spiritual grenades which make the demonic forces temporarily disabled. )

To those in Knoxville, we saw how the Lord did great wonders with the Franklin Graham Crusade. Just don’t let it stop  with the Crusade.  We still have to follow the Great Commission until the Lord returns.


This short blog is in memory to the little old lady in Joplin, Missouri who was with her church group back in 1995 on Main Street preaching the Gospel to lost high school and college kids.

I remember when I was first in college(1995-1996) and a group of us were cruzin Main st.  a church group was up and down the sidewalks of the Main cruzin drag for over a mile. At one corner we stopped at a little old lady approached our car and gave us a Chick tract and a Tootsie roll. I will never forget that lady as long as I live, she is one of the reasons I want to continue her legacy and Evangelize to the lost. She told us to be careful out here and Jesus loves and so did she!  I know more likely her church was very conservative, KJV Bible only people, yet that old lady I cannot get out of my mind because I knew deep down I met a woman who loved her Lord and loved her Lord’s people.  Thank you, Sister in the Lord. I shall see you in Heaven! You will get a big ol’ hug from me!


I  was asked after church,  if I wanted to join a couple of other guys from church to the World’s Fair Park for the Knoxville Chili Cook-off.  So I grabbed a handful of gospel tracts and proceeded to the contest. One of the elders heard me wanting to take the opportunity to evangelize at the event, so he paid my entry fee.(Thank you, Chip.)

It was admission based to enter. The money went to Second Harvest Food Bank.(A very worthy cause.) Due to the fact it was a paid event in a public place, I had to be creative in the approach to evangelize. If I was outside the gate and on the sidewalk, I am free to handout tracts to  individuals. Since I was on the inside, the “time, place, and context” rules change. I could have started passing out tracts like nobody’s business. However,  not to  get kicked out(since I paid money to eat chili), I placed tracts on the tables and chairs around the vicinity. People had their hands full of samples of chili, drinks and free bag of goodies.  Passing out the tracts would have not been convenient. So, I figured at least lay a few on the table and get read. Then if someone did take one, they could put it in their goody bag.

Some of the Chili was good, two were excellent, two tasted like someone poured cigarette ashes in the pot,  others were bland, and one forgot to drain the grease off the meat.  One of the samples of chili was so hot, my head started to sweat profusely.

Speaking of hot, the main tract I left for people to read was very similar to this one.(The one I had was yellow and was a Community Chest card.)

get out of hell free


Hell is a real place.  It will be hotter than the hottest bowl of chili at the cook-off. Jesus talked about Hell. In the book of Mark 9:42-48, Jesus repeats three times this phrase concerning Hell,

“…Their worm does not die
And the fire is not quenched…”

As believers, we should be concerned for others. Many you pass by on a daily basis are most likely unsaved and will spend eternity apart from God and in Hell.  Ask God, to give you the boldness to share or at the least a tract to someone to read later.

This is an encouragement to those out street fishing. You can take opportunities like an event to share the gospel. Always pray before going to evangelize and after evangelizing.  God must always go before you and behind you. Always ask other fellow street fisherman of how they evangelized in a particular setting or what they could have done differently. Be ready in the likely event of an event to evangelize.

Walking for the Lord

October 30, 2009

Isaiah 52:7 (New Living Translation) “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the messenger who brings good news, the good news of peace and salvation,the news that the God of Israel reigns!”

I definitely was able to get a walk  in Smokey Mountain area. I walked both on the UT(University of Tennessee) Strip and Market Square.  Which the Lord brought this previous Bible passage to mind. Lots of the Michael Jackson Million Dollar Bills were given away.

There are some days the Lord gives me an open door to carry a conversation with a person I give a gospel tract. Today, it did not happen. No worries. I am thankful to the Lord the gospel was handed out to about 5o persons. One large college man with tattoos up and down his arms asked very politely for one after I gave one to his friend. Pray for this guy. I pray before and after I handout tracts. Yet, God move on my heart to pray for this young man. The Lord also burden me to pray for a young couple.(They both got a Million dollar tract.)  It is always good to pray for those you evangelize.  However, there are some encounters the Lord wants us to lift up in prayer.

Walking past a bar on the UT Strip, one of the local rock stations was doing a live remote. There was two ladies working the live remote.  I was not going to pass up the opportunity to give them each a tract. Perhaps, the gospel message will be mentioned during the live remote. It would be neat to know, maybe on the other side of Heaven,  these ladies would mention the encounter of receiving a Michael Jackson Million Dollar Bill to their listeners.



Last night was a small group.(Due to a men’s  retreat.) It started with Jim and I on Market Square. A couple from church was eating at Market Square and we chatted with them. Then a homeless guy walks up. Jim gives him a tract and the man gives it back to Jim. Jim started a conversation with the man. The man gave his religious reasoning to get into Heaven. Then the couple from church chime-in and start sharing the Word with the man about what he believes and what the Word teaches.

Later in the evening two women from our church joined us.  We encountered a college couple and their friend. Our team of women gave a gospel presentation to the young people.

I was able to pass out bible tracts geared for the fall/Halloween season.  The tract started talking about the Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin cartoon. Then from the cartoon it lead into the gospel presentation.

It was an awsome opportunity to evangelize people in Market Square. Pray for seeds to grow.