Right after church and lunch, I hit Cumberland Strip(all the restaurants near the university.). Gave away several different tracts(Chick, Million Dollar Bill, Man of Salvation, etc)

One  older man wearing a Habitat for Humanity shirt took one of my tracts and as he was walking away spoke very loudly and sarcastically, “This is one of those ‘Holy Roller” tracts. What should I expect in the Bible Belt and in the State of Tennessee?”

I also went to a couple different corners on Cumberland Strip and read large portions of Scripture.(Book of Isaiah and John 3 and 4). One college man walked by me and scolded me saying, “You are wasting your time no one can hear you above the traffic noise”.) Ironically, he heard me since he walked right by me. So no time wasted on him as I prayed for his salvation in Jesus.

After watching a play in morning services in church about a Christian man appearing before the Bema Seat of Jesus. This seat is for the believers to be rewarded on what he or she has directly or indirectly done to honor and glorify the Lord.

For the unbeliever, the must appear before the Lord as they are cast away from the Lord into everlasting hell and fire.

I want to as much as I can in the power of the Holy Spirit in this life to bring God glory!  God be the glory for anyone repenting and coming to faith in Jesus or a believer becoming led by God to share their faith in Jesus more boldly.


I was on the lookout for a good travel bag to carry gospel tracts, pocket bibles, sermon cd’s, and various Christian resources. At the Goodwill for $2 I found a murse(European side bag for males.) It is a Brookstone name bag.(very expensive if bought at the Brookstone in the mall.) The various compartments can hold a variety shaped gospel tracts. It pays to bargain hunt. Thank you, Lord for finding me an inexpensive murse.

In other evangelism encounters, Downtown, I met a homeless lady near my age. Charleen(not real name.) was five months pregnant and selling flowers she picked to help pay for a room for her husband and herself.  I gave her a tract and a dollar for a flower. She asked what church I attended. She was new to the area(one month) and was looking for a solid church. I told her about Calvary Chapel(my church) which was about 3 miles from downtown and gave her directions and the church number to call if they needed a ride. She was hungry as well and I told her about Ms. Maxine that gives away chili dogs for free under the bridge by Barleys(a pizza and pub eatery in the Old City bar district.).

In another evangelism encounter I came across another homeless kid on the UT bar strip. He asked me for one of the tracts. I gave him the Chick tract “Somebody Loves Me.” This tract is a little cartoon about a girl who become homeless after getting kicked out of her home by her alcoholic father.  The little girl receives the Gospel on the street and dies from her injuries to be encounter by an angel to be taken into the arms of Jesus.

I carry a variety of Gospel tracts. I always pray before handing out a tract and give a tract that I sense the Holy Spirit would want the receiver of the tract to read. Not all the time am I able to do this type of tract distribution. Some times it is whatever I have in my hand the next person I walk past receives.

To see the murse images go to my Facebook page, Robert Moss in Knoxville, TN.(WordPress isn’t letting me post my cell phone pics to my blog. Will have to figure out how to change format to post later.)

Now the Lord is directing me to create a website so when I pass out tracts that give a space to place contact info(example: Fellowship Tract League or Chick tracts) buy a stamp from Office Max to stamp the website on the tracts. Now when I look at the websites on different tracts, they tend to be geared towards the tract passer outer or to sell their tracts, etc. The Lord is directing me to create a website geared towards the Receiver of the tract. On the website, it will have the Gospel message, basics for new believers, list of Biblically based churches(don’t want them led to a cult, a watered down emergent church, etc. ) So this will take time for me to research local churches in my area where I pass out tracts to ensure they are Bible based(not perfect but Sound Bible teaching places of worship) and can help the unbeliever or new babe in Christ as the Lord grows them. There are many other facets to the website, yet you probably get the premise of how the Lord is directing me. I have been given a few suggestions on web programs online. I am also praying for guidance on the website name.(simple to remember, not already taken, biblically) I have a few ideas, some where already taken, and some have given me suggestions(one is a little hokey, don’t really care for the idea but it is a brainstorm idea nonetheless). So pray for me on being patient and in consideration for the lost, on the creation of the website. To bring God glory and see many brought to faith and repentance in Jesus.

It has been awhile since I have been able to go to the downtown area without freezing to death and actually meeting people casually walking downtown and bar hopping. The weather was walkable tonight. So after talking with God, I grabbed some gospel tracts to distribute. The first stop was the UT bar strip, the second stop was Market Square, and finally to Old City area. Several tracts were both handed out and left in visible locations.  Jesus died for those partying in downtown Knoxville, many will not set foot in a church. So Jesus tells us to go to the sinner.

Now many of you will say, I evangelize by feeding the poor, smiling at someone, etc.   It is biblical to do good works and let Jesus’ love shine in us and through us. Yet, when Jesus fed the crowds and healed the sick, he did not stop with the act of kindness. The act of kindness was a “door opener” to present the Gospel. Yet, many of us fail to transition the act of kindness to share the Gospel with a person.(I don’t mean inviting a person to church, the Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses do well enough.) The Gospel is Jesus shedding his blood on the cross and rising from the dead to save those who come to him in repentance.

Many say, I leave the preaching and evangelism to the Preacher. Unfortunately,  the Great Commission was for all followers of Christ. You don’t have to quit your job and have mass crusades like Billy Graham. One way of evangelizing is to simply  give someone a tract. Many Christian bookstores and internet businesses have Gospel tracts. Just find one which fits your personality and can explain to someone if they inquire. Tracts are inexpensive and many places on the net you can get for free. Just use discernment in the tract us attain. Not all tracts are biblical or Christian.  My favorites are tracts from Chick tracts(the comic book tracts) and the Living Waters tracts(the million dollar bill tracts).

Praying for warm weather a.s.a.p.! Easier to hand out tracts when weather is warm and clear.

After a long nap and feeling tons better.(The getting sick was definitely spiritual warfare.) I grabbed some Million Dollar Bills and headed for the University of Tennessee Strip.(Bar and restaurant area on Cumberland).

I always begin and end in prayer when I go out to fish(street witness).  It is the power of the Holy Spirit which gives me the ability to share Jesus with people.

The Strip was jammed packed with college students and Knoxville police.  Some people took bills, others refused, and many came up to me asking for them. It is refreshing to me when people come up to you asking for the Million Dollar Bill tract.

Some officers called out to me curious to what I was passing out.  I gave the gospel presentation to a group of six officers. Whoot! After the gospel presentation, they told me if I encountered any problems to get their attention.

This night was even more exciting as I was able to attain the attention of several groups of college students. Most take the bill and go on their way. Yet, God gave me more time with the groups and individuals to proceed with the Million Dollar question. (Are you going to Heaven?)

One instance where I was able to ask the question and get at least a 3 minute conversation with a young man.  He confessed he had not been to church in a while and the church he admitted to attending was one down the road from my church.  He was a little tipsy and from the looks of the group he was in attendance was not a group I suspected he  did not really fit in. As his group was dragging him away, I encouraged him to read the back of the bill, read his Bible, and get back to church as soon as possible. After he left, I said a small prayer for this young man.

It is very disappointing to see many young people make the same choices I made in the past. I used to both go to the bar on Saturday night and attend church the next morning.  The bars provide students with unrealistic pleasure which go against the Word of God. The hopes of seeing scantily dressed women show off their hooters after drinking too much was a draw for me to go to bars. Yet, I knew the Bible had clear warning from participating in events at the bars.(wet-t-shirt contests, etc). It took some tough situations for me to experience to know God has better plans for me than what I tried to gain at bars.  I eventually came to repentance and faith in the Lord during this time. Now, I want to be able to reach the college students for the Lord. Many times it means going where the college student goes on nights( bars, waffle house, football games, etc).

I know there are mothers, fathers, grandparents, pastors, and church people praying for there prodigal children.  I wonder at times, if many of these praying people are asking God for someone like myself to encounter their child in these situations?

Here is a Chick tract  which gives a story about many of the situations I encounter at the bar district.


Many think I am hokie  for  street witnessing.(Actually, a Hokie is who you are if you attend Virgina Tech.) People can think whatever or discourage me from street witnessing.  I must be faithful to God and his words, “Go into ALL the world…”, Right now my world is Knoxville, Tennessee.  I must obey God rather than the idle threats of man.