Late night with Vol and Roll Tide fans

October 23, 2010

Whew! It was quite the crowded scene down around the college bar district Friday night. I ended up just remaining in one place on the sidewalk. I just handed out over 200 tracts a handful of Gospel of John booklets.

What occurred…..Got cussed at, Bible knocked out of my hands, people trying to push me down, attempts to tear my Bible, etc.

What I did in response….pray, pray, pray, hand more tracts out, pray, read scripture(had one guy that would keep coming back near me and try to drown out the reading of the Bible by shouting.) more prayer.


One positive response: a drunk guy, Andy, came up to me looked at what I was reading. Asked me to read him some scripture that would  encourage him.(Note he was drunk, but I knew the Lord can still reach someone in their lowest/drunken point) I then looked at him, eye to eye, and told him John 3:16. I substituted “world” for “Andy”. It shocked him sober for just enough for me to lay my hands on him and start praying or him. He placed his hand on my shoulder. I have never prayed for someone like that before(I started to cry for him and his repentance and salvation). When I was finished I could see his eyes become moist and he had a moment of sobriety in him that I was able to tell him to repent of his sins and put his faith in Jesus.  He said thank you and walked away to his friends as he went back into his drunken state.  I prayed silently for him and hope he will recall the moment the next day to see the Lord.


I stayed out for a little while longer. There was a College Christian group of kids from Georgia come out set up a table and gave out free snacks and hot chocolate/coffee.  They gave me something hot to drink.  Thank the Lord for them. I needed a warm-up cause it was cold by the time I looked at the time and noticed it was one a.m.





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