A memorial to the Little Old Lady on Main Street

September 24, 2010

This short blog is in memory to the little old lady in Joplin, Missouri who was with her church group back in 1995 on Main Street preaching the Gospel to lost high school and college kids.

I remember when I was first in college(1995-1996) and a group of us were cruzin Main st.  a church group was up and down the sidewalks of the Main cruzin drag for over a mile. At one corner we stopped at a little old lady approached our car and gave us a Chick tract and a Tootsie roll. I will never forget that lady as long as I live, she is one of the reasons I want to continue her legacy and Evangelize to the lost. She told us to be careful out here and Jesus loves and so did she!  I know more likely her church was very conservative, KJV Bible only people, yet that old lady I cannot get out of my mind because I knew deep down I met a woman who loved her Lord and loved her Lord’s people.  Thank you, Sister in the Lord. I shall see you in Heaven! You will get a big ol’ hug from me!


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