UT students, Market Square, and Christian Indian Street Performer

August 14, 2010

Judges 5:6 (Holman Christian Standard Bible)

6 “In the days of Shamgar son of Anath,
in the days of Jael,
the main ways were deserted,
because travelers kept to the side roads.”

Where the people(travelers) are, there is an opportunity to share Jesus!

This weekend marks the return of University of Tennessee college students. This was also a very hot weekend, so I waited til the evening to go out to Evangelize. I first went to Market Square, afterward I went to Cumberland Ave. to greet back the old and new college students . A few people took the tracts, some did not. This is always expected when street evangelizing. I mostly used the “Man of Salvation” tract. This is the one created by a couple of people from my church.

On Market Square, I was hailed by one of the street music performers. Greg(not real name) is an 80’s musician. He has the looks of an 80’s rocker and was very polite to visit. After speaking with him, I learned he grew up in a secular rock band and later in life came to have a personal relationship with Jesus. He is part Native American, which gave him the look of Slash from Guns N’ Roses. He was new to me on Market Square.

One of his gifts of music is he will ask you to name three of the music chords on a guitar and he will take a passage from anywhere in the Bible and sing it to the chords you chose. He flipped to the story of Lazarus and sang it to the chords I chose.(which happened to be chords used in grunge music.)  It was neat to hear the Word of God being sung aloud for people on Market Square to hear.

He was interested in my tracts, so I gave him the “Man of Salvation” tract and told him what church I attended. He said he has been to different Calvary Chapel and was familiar with their style.  I tipped him a dollar which he said i did not have to do, but want to share the love of Christ with him since he was making his living by playing music.

Many of the street performers do not  like it when someone drops a tract in their case instead of money.(Unless that tract comes with money.) Yet, Greg asked for the tract and gave one to him. The other performers and I have formed a good friendship without giving them a tract. I talk about Jesus to them without getting in their faces and screaming at them. There are times when the street performers and I have to team up on freedom of speech issues of exercising our 1st amendment rights. One of the music performers is going to be in court for playing in an open area. This is an open and shut case as the officer was shocked that this gentleman knew the law concerning 1st amendment rights and Supreme Court decisions. Based on the freedom of speech and public areas court cases the courts will rule in his favor. So in this instance, I can show my support to him both as a friend and an open door to share Jesus with him.  Evangelizing can happen in different ways and does not necessarily assume a gospel tract was exchanged between two parties.

For information on street performers, here is the Wikipedia link:



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