Evangelism in Jail

August 5, 2010

Thursday night was awesome. I went to the prison to share Jesus with the inmates. The Lord allowed me to listen to the men’s concern. God was awesome as he brought Scripture to my mind to share with the men. I was able to pray for them and their families. Awesome to hear an inmate excited about going through a Christian Bible Study by mail. Other men were also interested in a Bible study. It helps them to discipline themselves not to hop and skip through the Bible but to get into ALL God’s Word.

Evangelism does not necessarily have to take place in an open public environment.  It can take place within the walls of a jail or prison.

Matthew 25:36 (Holman Christian Standard Bible)

“…I was in prison and you visited Me.”


One Response to “Evangelism in Jail”

  1. Howard Ellison Says:

    Guys in prison/jail really need something and JESUS provides that, HE is their only hope when they get out. I worked with theses type guys for 7 years, 2 in a Max Prison, 5 in a County Jail. I got to know many, this past week one guy came up to the homeless ministry and offered to help and reminded me that he promised to help the ministry when he got out of Jail, GOD is GREAT. Showing theses inmates how JESUS loves them even though they have messed up.

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