Journey around Knoxville in one day

August 1, 2010

Yesterday(Saturday), I was able to hand out and place tracts around the Knoxville area. One unique place to place tracts is at the gas pumps. If you have the business card format tract, they fit great in the credit card reader on the pump. If you have a tract like the Million Dollar bill, they fit wonderfully in the gas pump slot or in the handle lever of the pump. You may never know the next person to use the pump, but the one who repents of their sins and puts their faith in Jesus will thank you in Heaven.

Show me wisdom Lord where to place tracts so others can get the Gospel message in a way that would make them say, “How I received this tract was all in the hands of the Lord.” That would be awesome to hear stories in Heaven of what they went through at the time of receiving this tract.


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