The Gospel of Jesus meets bar worker

June 25, 2010

Remember last week of my experience with a bouncer at Bar Knoxville? Now a different bouncer/gatekeeper at Bar Knoxville, but a much more positive meeting.

As I was handing out Gospel tracts to people going to the bars and walking past Bar Knoxville, the gatekeeper/id checker/bouncer guy started talking to me.  He was very, very, very, polite as opposite to the bouncer from last week.  He asked me what I was handing out. (Many other bars send out scantily dressed women to hand out handbills to new bars/strip joints/best-dressed or least-dress women contest, on a regular  basis.)

I told him I was a Christian handing out gospel tracts and what church I attended. He was curious because he told me he sees me out walking on a regular basis. I introduced myself to him and shook his hand. The conversation was polite. I gave him two different gospel tracts I distribute to the masses. I asked him if he had seen the Million-Dollar Bill tract. He said he did so I gave him some different ones.(One was the tract created by one of the Calvary Chapel Knoxville elders.)

I explained to him how I conduct myself on the street as he was more likely told a different story by the bouncer from last week.  I shared with him I hand out tracts to people only if they want one, NEVER do I force a tract on anyone or prevent them from walking down the sidewalk unhindered. I  gave the golden rule.(Do unto others as you would have done unto you.)

People respond better if you show genuine Christ-centered love towards them. This only can be done by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Now, it doesn’t mean I water the Gospel to a  everyone gets to Heaven message. It means I present the Truth of Jesus….IN LOVE!

Someone was entering the bar and I thanked him for stopping me to talk and I did not want to hinder him any longer from doing his job. I told him where my church is located if he ever became curious about attending a church service.

I was walking down the street thanking the Lord for this opportunity. It was a completely different experience from last week.


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