Gospel teachings from variety of Denominations

June 16, 2010

I like posting Billy Graham sermon clips on my profile and website. I also use other Christian Denominations video, audio, and written material. I believe this is an opportunity for my unsaved friends on Facebook and my tractman.com website to get the Gospel. As long as the content is Biblical, its postable. I use variety of Christian denominations.(both non Calvinist and Calvinist).

Many of the Reformation believers disagree with me posting Billy Graham or anything non-Calvinist/Reformation on my profile. Some of the Non-Calvinists dont like me posting Calvinist material on my facebook or my http://www.tractman.com

Here is the Balance, if the content is Biblical, it is postable.

If there are sprinklings of Calvinist/Reformation theology OR Non-Calvinist Theology within the message but overall still has enough biblical content, it is postable.

I have posted one sermon on my profile on one pastor explination why he disagrees with Reform theology from a biblical standpoint. I did this because I have used many Reformation material before on my facebook and wanted to provide a biblical balance for those not familar with Reform theology.

I am not a Calvinist/Reform theology perspective. I am a Biblicalist. I go to the Bible if I have a issue or concern about a person’s writing/audio/video clips on a matter of the Christian faith. During the start of the church age in the book of Acts and the Paul, Peter, and John letters believers had favorite apostles(John, Apollos, Paul, Peter, etc.)

The same holds true today. Many will have their favorite Christian teachers/denominational leanings.(Billy Graham, Adrian Rogers, James White, Chuck Smith, James MacDonald, Charles Stanley)

The Christian teachers of today have many wonderful biblical insights to Scriptures. I am glad for the personality and teaching styles of the men. But remember they are men, like you and me. We are all not perfect, and will make error. Many of these men will tell you to go back to the Bible to make sure what their listeners say is true.
I am aware that many will not listen to some teachers due to the fact they do not hold or do hold to a certain man-made denominational teaching. That is ok and their choice, yet as long as I discern their messages are biblical I will post them.
I also have the right to edit and delete comments made on my post as I deem necessary. I do have many unsaved friends on my facebook and unsaved visitors to my http://www.tractman.com website, so as the Lord leads, I will post Christian material from a variety of non-calvinist and Calvinist ideals.

I do not seek to win the unbelievers on my facebook to a certain Christian leaning such as Non-Calvinist or Calvinist/Reform denominations, but to see the lost come to repentance and faith in Jesus. God Bless Everyone.


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