Blues Traveler Concert extra stuff

June 4, 2010

We were in the park next to the concert when I was given the opportunity to open air preach.(Like John Wesley, I grew up in the Methodist church.) During the time I was speaking, I did have a piece of food thrown at me….someone must have thought I was hungry while preaching…hee hee.

Many of those in the park down from the concert were Jr. high/high school and college students.  Sometimes they were nice other times they were belligerent. There was one older man who stood in front of Tim and very loudly started cussing. Tim asked him nicely to not cuss especially with little children and ladies present. He just started cussing more. A law enforcement  personnel came up to the man and told him to stop cussing and move on.

During the course of the evening I ran low on tracts and went out to my car to get more tracts. When I returned to Market Square(a public area with public sidewalks) The rent-a-security personnel she would not let me take my messenger bag in and pass out tracts.  Now I knew according to the 1st amendment and Supreme Court cases I was within my rights and not in any violation of the law of passing out tracts.  However, I could have gone to a police officer and registered a complaint. The only restriction on Market Square that night is alcohol could not leave Market Square.  Yet, I did not go find an officer.  I just went and found Tim.(another open air evangelist)  He told me if I wanted I could leave my bag with him and just stuff tracts in my pockets. Yet, Tim did not have the normal amount of guys with him in the park to evangelize. I decided to stay with him and help him out.(That gave me the opportunity to do the open air…see former post.)

Common sense and being respectful  to people, I know not to get in front of the concert stage and be obnoxious.  If you want to effectively communicate your message with the public, you look for avenues that would not disruptive the music performers. The park and areas outside the concert seating was far enough away to not be a nuisance. The was just as enough opportunity, if not more opportunity to share the Gospel with those not paying much attention to Blues Traveler.

You always have to choose your battles wisely, or look for the leading of the Lord especially in Scripture of how to handle confrontational situations the public, the law, and even rent-a-cops/security. It is necessary to have prayer and total reliance on the Holy Spirit in evangelism efforts.(Zech 4:6)


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