6/3/10 Sundown in the City

June 3, 2010

Thank the Lord for a good free parking space and the ability to share the Gospel with people attending the free Blues Traveler concert.(Lots of people, I mean LOTS!) If you want an estimate of how many tracts I passed out, I can estimate about 300. One Bible was given out. I met Tim Weakly in the Park next to Market Square and he had a place marked off for open air preaching(speakers, etch board with pictures and text, etc.) He gave me time to read Scripture and do some expository preaching.

The Lord took me to the text Pastor Brian taught on Wednesday night(Romans 6/sin that grace may increase passage) Afterwards I brought in 2 Timothy 4:3-4(The itching ears passage) The next thing I knew was that the Lord was leading me was to explain about cherry-picking the Bible. This is where people take what they like about the Bible, but ignoring other passages that make them uncomfortable. I used Paul’s explanation of him teaching the “WHOLE” counsel of the Word of the Lord.  Shared how God wants us to love and honor ALL that he has stated in His Word. How when we see why God has everything outlined for us in his Word, it is to help us and benefit us in the long run. However because of our sinful nature, we choose to do what we like instead of following what God has for us. Because we go our own way, just like Adam and Eve in the Garden, sin enters and destroys us.  I kept re emphasizing the need to hear Jesus first word that started his ministry, Repent. I followed up by telling other why we need to repent and put our complete trust in the truth of Jesus(faith). Not just half way. God wants ALL of us and wants complete control of our lives lest we destroy ourselves prematurely through taking the reigns of our lives.  The Lord allowed me enough time to share my Salvation testimony.

What followed was this:  A group of Atheistic/Agnostic former Catholics going to UT for degrees in Biology. They started asking questions that I was unable to answer. That is when I was able to get Tim Weakley’s attention. He does a good job at answering Atheists and Evolution questions better than I could.(Biology wasn’t my strong point in college.)

Afterwards after some of the college students had their fun at jabbing the Christian faith, one young man stuck around and was the most polite. The young man, Tim, and I both shook hands and while we did not see eye to eye on faith issues, we were able to have sparked a new friendship with this gentleman. Pray for his salvation.

While I did not get the chance to see Blues Traveler, I am glad the Lord used the opportunity to share the Gospel with a large group of people. To God be the Glory and Praise.


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