Day off work equals Daytime Evangelism

May 26, 2010

I was able to take a personal day from work on Wednesday. This does not mean I was lazy. It was an opportunity to go “trackin”. The mall I dropped a MDB(Million Dollar Bill) on the ground and stood off several feet away. It was picked up by one gentleman. He read the back of the tract out loud to his wife another individual. He did not keep the tract. The tract was noticed by two “Blue-haired.'”(WW II generation morning walkers.) but did not pick it up.  A few moments later it was picked up by a Latino mall environmental specialist.(Janitor.) He placed the tract in his front pocket. So I prayed for him and those that came in contact with the tract.

After leaving the mall, I went to a bookstore and picked out several books for a free bookmark(i.e. business card tract.) Most of the book chosen were very liberal Christian books, a Buddhist book, Rick Warren’s “Purpose” book on the famous page(58) to place a tract by evangelists, and another tract went in the book…again….: “The Ten Commandments of Witches”. There are now two of the four copies of that book in a bookstore I frequently attend. One of the books still had one of the original tracts.  So the one book with the missing tract was replaced with another tract.  A  new age/witch/non-Christian did something with the other tract, either trashed it or kept it. (Hoping for the latter.)

Then I went downtown to hand out several different types of tracts. I came across several of the kids across the United States for the “Destination Imagination” summer event.  One group of kids got the Million Dollar Bill the others got a tract with the history of the outcomes of the Founding Fathers of our nation. The Founding Fathers tract gives the story of how many of the signers of the Constitution were either killed or destitute for signing the document declaring our freedom from Britain. Then it follows how Jesus came to die on the cross for our freedom from the penalty of sin. Several other people shopping or working downtown received a tract.  I thank God for the good weather to go out and evangelize and pray for the seeds planted.


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