Evangelism Murse and Evangelism Encounters

May 22, 2010

I was on the lookout for a good travel bag to carry gospel tracts, pocket bibles, sermon cd’s, and various Christian resources. At the Goodwill for $2 I found a murse(European side bag for males.) It is a Brookstone name bag.(very expensive if bought at the Brookstone in the mall.) The various compartments can hold a variety shaped gospel tracts. It pays to bargain hunt. Thank you, Lord for finding me an inexpensive murse.

In other evangelism encounters, Downtown, I met a homeless lady near my age. Charleen(not real name.) was five months pregnant and selling flowers she picked to help pay for a room for her husband and herself.  I gave her a tract and a dollar for a flower. She asked what church I attended. She was new to the area(one month) and was looking for a solid church. I told her about Calvary Chapel(my church) which was about 3 miles from downtown and gave her directions and the church number to call if they needed a ride. She was hungry as well and I told her about Ms. Maxine that gives away chili dogs for free under the bridge by Barleys(a pizza and pub eatery in the Old City bar district.).

In another evangelism encounter I came across another homeless kid on the UT bar strip. He asked me for one of the tracts. I gave him the Chick tract “Somebody Loves Me.” This tract is a little cartoon about a girl who become homeless after getting kicked out of her home by her alcoholic father.  The little girl receives the Gospel on the street and dies from her injuries to be encounter by an angel to be taken into the arms of Jesus.

I carry a variety of Gospel tracts. I always pray before handing out a tract and give a tract that I sense the Holy Spirit would want the receiver of the tract to read. Not all the time am I able to do this type of tract distribution. Some times it is whatever I have in my hand the next person I walk past receives.

To see the murse images go to my Facebook page, Robert Moss in Knoxville, TN.(WordPress isn’t letting me post my cell phone pics to my blog. Will have to figure out how to change format to post later.)


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