Sundown in the City: May 20

May 21, 2010

Sundown in the City is an every other Thursday event during the Spring and Summer.  Popular bands come out to Market Square to perform. It is a free concert. Beer vendors are out. Girls in very exposing clothes walk the streets. Its a very secular environment.

I went out walking and handing out tracts. I met up with some other Street Evangelists that set up a mini-church outside the gates of the event(in the park.) They were handing out similar Gospel tracts.

Of course there were some Jr. High kids mocking one of the evangelists as he presented the Gospel.  Many tracts were on the ground, but more were kept by those receiving the tracts more than on the ground.

I wanted to stay longer, however, my allergies progressively became worse. I thank the Lord for giving me a few hours to share the Gospel. Praying for seeds to be planted


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