Tuesday night at Market Square and UT Strip

May 11, 2010

I went out to Market Square and on the UT strip in Knoxville, TN. The Lord blessed my time in getting gospel tracts out to people.

One man receiving a tract was like somewhat perplexed because he said he was denied Communion by the Catholic Church and not allowed to be spiritually fed.(Meaning by me giving him a Gospel tract was a “No-No” according to the Catholic Church.) I say to the Catholic Church, Shame! God loves that man so much, he died and arose from the dead for all his sins.  I have a higher authority in sharing the Gospel, God gives me authority from his Word in the Great Commission, Mark 16:15. The Catholic Church has no authority over me in telling me who I can and cannot share God’s Word. I reject their unbiblical teachings. So I pray for this man’s repentance, salvation.  This may offend many of you reading this blog. I know what the Word of God says and I stand on what God states not the religiosity rituals  coming from the Catholic Church.

When you take a stand for the Word of God, you will butt heads with the religious man-centered teachings of a religious group.  I pity those in the Catholic church. I have been told by Catholics and former Catholics that the priests tell their church to not read the Bible but to only let the priests tell them what God wants them to know.  That is very sad especially in light of what Scripture states about their being only one mediator between God and Man, JESUS!

(I Timothy 2:5)


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