Walk with the Dinosaurs Evangelism outreach and reading a Christian book

May 1, 2010

You get a double story for this blog post. Enjoy!

Barney the Dinosaur Vs. Tractman

On Friday night, a three-day event began at the Thompson Arena. It was sponsored by the BBC. It was called “Walk with the Dinosaurs” On their truck trailer it read: “After 65 Million years, they are back”.(Speaking about the Dinosaurs)

I was alerted by a fellow Calvary Chapel lady from Arizona. She sent me via email a print out of a Evangelism tract to counter the Pro-Evolution show going at the Arena. I printed over 125 tracts, prayed for God’s protection, and drove down to the event.

I walked around the premises of the Arena as people were entering into the show. My first encounter handing out tracts was spiritual battle. I gave a tract to a dad with his children. He asked if his children could each have one. By the time I was to give his children the tracts, he read the tract quick enough to reply: “I DO NOT WANT YOU TO MY KIDS READING THIS CRAP!”

He quickly grab the tracts from their hands and told me to get the H@$* away from him and his family. I told him God bless and Jesus loves you.(He gave me a snarl after those statements).

However, I was able to pass out over a 100 of the Dinosaur tracts to other people and even had people walk up to me asking for the Dinosaur fact tract.(At the end of the tract, it gives the Gospel message.)

Shortly after I left, I became ill.(Spiritual attack no doubt! Go to enemy territory and expect to receive counterattacks when evangelizing.)

I left praying for seeds to be planted and hopefully the attendees of the event will realize Dinosaurs existed with Adam and lived around 6000 years ago, not 65 million years ago.

Emergent Church examinations by Roger Oakland

I have also learned a lot of what I was taught in college especially Communication Theories, the Communication big shots we studied, did not believe in God or if they did they incorporated Eastern Mysticism in their lifestyles.(Currently reading  a book, Faith Undone by Roger Oakland).  This recent book tells about the dangers of the Emergent Church and its background in Catholicism mixed with Eastern Mysticism.)  This was predicted in the Bible as the “Great Falling Away“:

2 Thessalonians 2:3 (New King James Version) “Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition..,”

The dangers of the Emergent beliefs is simplified in this statement: “Your experiences in spirituality hold more water than the Word of God.” The leaders in this movement like Leonard Sweet, teach to incorporate Catholicism mixed in with other religions. They also believe in Universalism(everyone including Hitler goes to Heaven) , the devaluing of preaching the Word of God, there is no Hell, and to sum it up: One World Religion/Tower of Babel. I suggest you go to Amazon or any other online resource and read: Faith Undone by Roger Oakland. He goes into great detail about the dangers of the Emergent Church.

Both these stories are a testimony of how people will want to believe anything other than God’s Word. In their minds, if the can believe whatever they want they feel they don’t have to be accountable to God and his standards.


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  1. john Says:

    what did your tract look like

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