It was very busy on both Market Square and Cumberland Strip.(University of Tennessee Bar and Restaurant area) There were both the bar crowds and the Destination Imagination kids and sponsors galore.(Many Destination Imagination kids I continually ran across were from the “GREAT STATE” of Texas. Then finally ran into some kids from Arkansas and Illinois. It was mostly packed on the Cumberland Strip.  So before I step out in my car, I always “Pray UP.”  I would rough estimate on Saturday  day and night about 30 tracts and one “Invitation”  New Testament Bible(Holman translation) were given. I only found about three tracts on the ground, they were quickly recycled back to other people(Yes, Tractman does not like litter.)

As far as interesting moments, I would say when I ran into a large group of people, bar crowd and D.I. kids, if I gave one tract to someone, others would be holding out their hands or asking for a tract. That is encouraging when you have to work quickly when an opportunity to actually take requests for tracts.

One black gentleman receiving a tract started to carry on a conversation with me. So, I asked him if he would like a brand new New Testament Bible. He first started to say no, but then when I told him it was an easy translation to read, he decided he wanted one.

Here is a picture of the affordable New Testament Bibles I am giving away. They are only 50 cents at Lifeway stores.

Invitation Bible

These Bibles fit easy in my Messenger bag(murse, satchel, whatever you want to call it.) They have a follow the bible passage plan of salvation for the reader. You go to certain scriptures that will eventually confront the individual to an invitation to repent and put their faith in Jesus.

I carry a variety of tracts, bibles, other spiritual materials in my Evangelism bag. I do not necessarily use Way of the Master exclusively. Although I do have many of the WOTM in my bag, I do have Chick tracts, Fellowship Tract League, International Bible Society, etc. There is a strict guideline to what Christian materials I use. They must pass my Statement of Faith test. Mainly on the essentials, liberty on the non-essentials.

The D.I. kids love the Million Dollar Bill tracts and Carl Kalbfleisch “Constitution Freedom” business card tract.(If you run across any of the Texas Kids, Carl receiving one of the tracts in Knoxville, let me know…)

I pray for each person(s) receiving a tract for their salvation and if they are saved that they grow closer to the Lord.

One funny incident was when I was handing out several Million Dollar Bills, one kid politely said no. His girlfriend told him, “Jerome(not his real name), you better take one.” He then hung his head in shame and said he would take one. You go, girlfriend!(If this kid gets saved, his girlfriend is going to get a nice reward in Heaven for her persistent nagging of her boyfriend to take a tract.


I was able to take a personal day from work on Wednesday. This does not mean I was lazy. It was an opportunity to go “trackin”. The mall I dropped a MDB(Million Dollar Bill) on the ground and stood off several feet away. It was picked up by one gentleman. He read the back of the tract out loud to his wife another individual. He did not keep the tract. The tract was noticed by two “Blue-haired.'”(WW II generation morning walkers.) but did not pick it up.  A few moments later it was picked up by a Latino mall environmental specialist.(Janitor.) He placed the tract in his front pocket. So I prayed for him and those that came in contact with the tract.

After leaving the mall, I went to a bookstore and picked out several books for a free bookmark(i.e. business card tract.) Most of the book chosen were very liberal Christian books, a Buddhist book, Rick Warren’s “Purpose” book on the famous page(58) to place a tract by evangelists, and another tract went in the book…again….: “The Ten Commandments of Witches”. There are now two of the four copies of that book in a bookstore I frequently attend. One of the books still had one of the original tracts.  So the one book with the missing tract was replaced with another tract.  A  new age/witch/non-Christian did something with the other tract, either trashed it or kept it. (Hoping for the latter.)

Then I went downtown to hand out several different types of tracts. I came across several of the kids across the United States for the “Destination Imagination” summer event.  One group of kids got the Million Dollar Bill the others got a tract with the history of the outcomes of the Founding Fathers of our nation. The Founding Fathers tract gives the story of how many of the signers of the Constitution were either killed or destitute for signing the document declaring our freedom from Britain. Then it follows how Jesus came to die on the cross for our freedom from the penalty of sin. Several other people shopping or working downtown received a tract.  I thank God for the good weather to go out and evangelize and pray for the seeds planted.

I was on the lookout for a good travel bag to carry gospel tracts, pocket bibles, sermon cd’s, and various Christian resources. At the Goodwill for $2 I found a murse(European side bag for males.) It is a Brookstone name bag.(very expensive if bought at the Brookstone in the mall.) The various compartments can hold a variety shaped gospel tracts. It pays to bargain hunt. Thank you, Lord for finding me an inexpensive murse.

In other evangelism encounters, Downtown, I met a homeless lady near my age. Charleen(not real name.) was five months pregnant and selling flowers she picked to help pay for a room for her husband and herself.  I gave her a tract and a dollar for a flower. She asked what church I attended. She was new to the area(one month) and was looking for a solid church. I told her about Calvary Chapel(my church) which was about 3 miles from downtown and gave her directions and the church number to call if they needed a ride. She was hungry as well and I told her about Ms. Maxine that gives away chili dogs for free under the bridge by Barleys(a pizza and pub eatery in the Old City bar district.).

In another evangelism encounter I came across another homeless kid on the UT bar strip. He asked me for one of the tracts. I gave him the Chick tract “Somebody Loves Me.” This tract is a little cartoon about a girl who become homeless after getting kicked out of her home by her alcoholic father.  The little girl receives the Gospel on the street and dies from her injuries to be encounter by an angel to be taken into the arms of Jesus.

I carry a variety of Gospel tracts. I always pray before handing out a tract and give a tract that I sense the Holy Spirit would want the receiver of the tract to read. Not all the time am I able to do this type of tract distribution. Some times it is whatever I have in my hand the next person I walk past receives.

To see the murse images go to my Facebook page, Robert Moss in Knoxville, TN.(WordPress isn’t letting me post my cell phone pics to my blog. Will have to figure out how to change format to post later.)

Sundown in the City is an every other Thursday event during the Spring and Summer.  Popular bands come out to Market Square to perform. It is a free concert. Beer vendors are out. Girls in very exposing clothes walk the streets. Its a very secular environment.

I went out walking and handing out tracts. I met up with some other Street Evangelists that set up a mini-church outside the gates of the event(in the park.) They were handing out similar Gospel tracts.

Of course there were some Jr. High kids mocking one of the evangelists as he presented the Gospel.  Many tracts were on the ground, but more were kept by those receiving the tracts more than on the ground.

I wanted to stay longer, however, my allergies progressively became worse. I thank the Lord for giving me a few hours to share the Gospel. Praying for seeds to be planted

The Lord was gracious to me to stop the rain long enough to walk for a bit on the UT strip to hand out Gospel tracts to students.(The students I came across were the Mississippi State University’s Track and Field team.) They came to athletically compete, some of them left Knoxville with the Gospel message in their hands.

Even though the rain sprinkles fall, there are not enough to deter me from sharing Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit. Went to Downtown Knoxville and said hello, God bless, Jesus Loves you as I handed people some Gospel Tracts.

I went out to Market Square and on the UT strip in Knoxville, TN. The Lord blessed my time in getting gospel tracts out to people.

One man receiving a tract was like somewhat perplexed because he said he was denied Communion by the Catholic Church and not allowed to be spiritually fed.(Meaning by me giving him a Gospel tract was a “No-No” according to the Catholic Church.) I say to the Catholic Church, Shame! God loves that man so much, he died and arose from the dead for all his sins.  I have a higher authority in sharing the Gospel, God gives me authority from his Word in the Great Commission, Mark 16:15. The Catholic Church has no authority over me in telling me who I can and cannot share God’s Word. I reject their unbiblical teachings. So I pray for this man’s repentance, salvation.  This may offend many of you reading this blog. I know what the Word of God says and I stand on what God states not the religiosity rituals  coming from the Catholic Church.

When you take a stand for the Word of God, you will butt heads with the religious man-centered teachings of a religious group.  I pity those in the Catholic church. I have been told by Catholics and former Catholics that the priests tell their church to not read the Bible but to only let the priests tell them what God wants them to know.  That is very sad especially in light of what Scripture states about their being only one mediator between God and Man, JESUS!

(I Timothy 2:5)

Jim and I go to Market Square the first Friday of the Month in downtown Knoxville. First Friday is when all the Artsy, musicians, pagan/witch/drum circle groups, and anyone else meet together. The weather was great as we gave about 40 tracts(courtesy of Carl Kalbfleisch at

His tracts are in the shape of business cards. They are very well made out of a coated covering to last long.

One guy in front of Yee Haw lithograph shop was drinking openly in public. We gave him a tract, he cussed and gave the tract back.  Many others took the tracts, few rejected, God was glorified.

Now the Lord is directing me to create a website so when I pass out tracts that give a space to place contact info(example: Fellowship Tract League or Chick tracts) buy a stamp from Office Max to stamp the website on the tracts. Now when I look at the websites on different tracts, they tend to be geared towards the tract passer outer or to sell their tracts, etc. The Lord is directing me to create a website geared towards the Receiver of the tract. On the website, it will have the Gospel message, basics for new believers, list of Biblically based churches(don’t want them led to a cult, a watered down emergent church, etc. ) So this will take time for me to research local churches in my area where I pass out tracts to ensure they are Bible based(not perfect but Sound Bible teaching places of worship) and can help the unbeliever or new babe in Christ as the Lord grows them. There are many other facets to the website, yet you probably get the premise of how the Lord is directing me. I have been given a few suggestions on web programs online. I am also praying for guidance on the website name.(simple to remember, not already taken, biblically) I have a few ideas, some where already taken, and some have given me suggestions(one is a little hokey, don’t really care for the idea but it is a brainstorm idea nonetheless). So pray for me on being patient and in consideration for the lost, on the creation of the website. To bring God glory and see many brought to faith and repentance in Jesus.

You get a double story for this blog post. Enjoy!

Barney the Dinosaur Vs. Tractman

On Friday night, a three-day event began at the Thompson Arena. It was sponsored by the BBC. It was called “Walk with the Dinosaurs” On their truck trailer it read: “After 65 Million years, they are back”.(Speaking about the Dinosaurs)

I was alerted by a fellow Calvary Chapel lady from Arizona. She sent me via email a print out of a Evangelism tract to counter the Pro-Evolution show going at the Arena. I printed over 125 tracts, prayed for God’s protection, and drove down to the event.

I walked around the premises of the Arena as people were entering into the show. My first encounter handing out tracts was spiritual battle. I gave a tract to a dad with his children. He asked if his children could each have one. By the time I was to give his children the tracts, he read the tract quick enough to reply: “I DO NOT WANT YOU TO MY KIDS READING THIS CRAP!”

He quickly grab the tracts from their hands and told me to get the H@$* away from him and his family. I told him God bless and Jesus loves you.(He gave me a snarl after those statements).

However, I was able to pass out over a 100 of the Dinosaur tracts to other people and even had people walk up to me asking for the Dinosaur fact tract.(At the end of the tract, it gives the Gospel message.)

Shortly after I left, I became ill.(Spiritual attack no doubt! Go to enemy territory and expect to receive counterattacks when evangelizing.)

I left praying for seeds to be planted and hopefully the attendees of the event will realize Dinosaurs existed with Adam and lived around 6000 years ago, not 65 million years ago.

Emergent Church examinations by Roger Oakland

I have also learned a lot of what I was taught in college especially Communication Theories, the Communication big shots we studied, did not believe in God or if they did they incorporated Eastern Mysticism in their lifestyles.(Currently reading  a book, Faith Undone by Roger Oakland).  This recent book tells about the dangers of the Emergent Church and its background in Catholicism mixed with Eastern Mysticism.)  This was predicted in the Bible as the “Great Falling Away“:

2 Thessalonians 2:3 (New King James Version) “Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition..,”

The dangers of the Emergent beliefs is simplified in this statement: “Your experiences in spirituality hold more water than the Word of God.” The leaders in this movement like Leonard Sweet, teach to incorporate Catholicism mixed in with other religions. They also believe in Universalism(everyone including Hitler goes to Heaven) , the devaluing of preaching the Word of God, there is no Hell, and to sum it up: One World Religion/Tower of Babel. I suggest you go to Amazon or any other online resource and read: Faith Undone by Roger Oakland. He goes into great detail about the dangers of the Emergent Church.

Both these stories are a testimony of how people will want to believe anything other than God’s Word. In their minds, if the can believe whatever they want they feel they don’t have to be accountable to God and his standards.