Knoxville Dogwood Arts Parade Evangelism Outreach

April 24, 2010

Stardate: 4232010

I was unaware of the massive parade on Gay Street early Friday evening.  Found one parking spot on the very top of the State Street parking garage. The crowd was very heavy. I grabbed as many Trillion Dollar Bill tracts and Fellowship Tract League tracts as I could carry.(estimate 300 tracts.) Before I stepped out of the car, I prayed for God’s blessing and leading. The parade had already started as I walked up and down Gay St.  The first 150 tracts passed out were the Trillion Dollar Lincoln tracts.  They went extremely fast due to the fact people were actually stopping me to get a bill.(That is welcomed especially when people ask you for Gospel tracts. )  After the parade ended, I walked with the crowds to whatever direction they were headed and passed out more tracts. Directly behind Gay St. is my fishing hole, Market Square. Music festivities and heavy beer drinking was taking place. I started passing out what I had left. There were a couple of “not interested” people.(It was a given.) Many were receptive to take anything given to them that did not cost anything except three seconds of their time.  One of the most hardest people to evangelize is Asians.  They will never take a tract, except on young college guy amongst his friends. However, once he saw what I gave him, it was thrown on the ground.  Only a couple of theories of why Asian people are not reluctant to take a tract: Buddhism faith, international college students not realizing you can actually live out the Christian faith in public in America,  and of course “not interested” mindset.

It was very great weather to pass out tracts, although as of this Saturday night writing this blog, it is pouring down rain.

Going back to my car, I only had like maybe less than five tracts left over. (total of tracts handed out: 295).  When I got to my car, I thanked the Lord for the opportunity to get the Gospel out to a large number of people and asked for the seeds to take root and whomever to repent of their sins and put their faith in Jesus.


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