4/18/10 Truckstop Worship Service

April 19, 2010

Romans 13:1

“Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God.”

In the Sunday evening service(Truckstop Ministries, Inc.) at Watt. Rd. Petro gas station, two men came to the service. One man was a trucker and the other man was a traveling street preacher. I was blessed by both men as much as the Lord let me encourage them.

The street preacher was traveling as the Lord let him. He has a home in Louisiana and he has a home church when not on his circuit.  His next destination was Washington, D.C.  Now anytime I meet someone, I always pray for discernment. The more I talked with him and asked him questions, the more I actually was talking to a legit Christian street preacher. He told me of his Salvation story and how the Lord led him to become a street preacher.

Bob(the street preacher), was a Vietnam Veteran. He is also an Artist. He showed me his homemade bible tracts. The pictures were amazing. The scriptures he used were from the Old and New Testaments. He  was accurate on the proper application of the verses. (He gave me a couple of his homemade tracts.)

One of his  journeys was in Denver, Colorado. He was cited for disturbing the peace while preaching the Gospel in the open air.  He prayed for divine leading while in court. As he was praying on the way to the court building, he met a Christian lawyer. The lawyer gave him free advice on what to do in his situation. He was told to plead, “No Contest”, as opposed to “guilty” or “not guilty”. This would give him the opportunity to state his case off the record.

During the Court proceedings, the judge looked at the charges and quickly asked Bob to plead “guilty or “not guilty”.  Bob told the judge “no contest.”  Then asked to judge to make his statements off the record.  The judge with a smile responded by stating, “you’ve talked to a lawyer haven’t you?”

Bob told the judge he was exercising his rights to freedom of speech. Then asked the judge about the ticket. On the ticket the officer labeled him a street preacher. He told the judge how only God could give a man the title of  “priest” and a government official cannot issue him this title of “preacher”.   From a legal standpoint a government official issuing religious titles is not  legal. Government cannot impose religion on a man.

The second question Bob asked the judge was concerning the charge of “disturbing the peace.”  Bob said, “How can I be disturbing the PEACE, if I am declaring  my faith about Jesus, the Prince of PEACE?”  He mention the fact how traffic noise was just as louder.  When the judge heard his statement about the disturbing the peace citation while bringing a message about the Prince of Peace being contradicting, the judge told him, “Good point, go in peace, case dismissed.”

Afterwords,  the three of us sat down to dinner in the restaurant.  We share more about each other lives. It was an awesome time and encouragement from listening to these men and their Christian backgrounds.  Sometimes, the Lord lets me learn from others while he lets me minister to people. I am glad to have made new Christian friends last night.  To God be the Glory!


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