The Battle is the Lord’s and a Victory in a sinner coming to Jesus.

April 11, 2010

Guess what? Before the Sunday evening service at the Truckstop Ministries Chapel, a drifter came into talk. He had many problems in his life. He says he prays every time he is in trouble. So I opened up the question Do you have  a Spiritual Background. I was using the questions to the Share Jesus Without Fear book and bible. He couldn’t read the small print. So I asked him if I could read the verses too him. He said yes.  So I asked after reading each verse “What does this mean to you?”
During this time I had a man sent from the devil come in to distract the Evangelism process. The more I read the Word, the more the devil distraction shut up.
The man the Lord opened up to share the Word with was crying and I asked him if he was a sinner. He said he used to be. I took him back to the Word in John “If we say we have not sinned, we call God a liar.”  I asked him if he wanted to repent and accept Jesus into his life, he said yes. I opened up in prayer, then I told the man, J.W., to go ahead and start talking to God. He struggled and then I just told him to just talk to God and admit to God he is a sinner and he needs forgiveness from God and to repent of his sins and put his faith in Jesus. The other man got mad because he claimed he was a former Christian and said you become a Christian by speaking in tongues as evidence and that only God died for the elect. I shot back, in the power of Jesus, with the John 3:16 “For God so loved the world…..That WHOEVER believes in Him will not die but have everlasting life.:
J.W. went out rejoicing that Jesus was his Savior. The other man stayed to talk to me and was twisting Scripture like the devil. And in God’s Love I told the man I disagreed with what he was saying, told him I will stick with what the Bible says, shook his hand and showed him the door out!.
Later, J.W. came back sat on the porch and we talked more about how as a new believer in Jesus, he could read God’s Word with new spiritual eyes and God would make the Scripture come alive to him and to start by reading the book of John.  I shared with him when we first love God, that love would pour out to other people. Then I shared other Biblical truth with him in his walk.
I know there were areas I messed up in the Gospel presentation, yet I trust the Spirit was intercession on my behalf and God was in the tough new spiritual birth of a new brother in the Lord.
The devil did not want J.W. coming to know Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior, hence the crazed misquoting out of context demonic man.(Every time this man would talk, he would start making strange noises and said it was speaking in tongues, I thought it was demonic and not from the Lord.)

So pray for me continually. Especially the Spirit of God lead me and direct me in future endeavors the Lord gives me. This was a spiritually, mentally, and physically draining on me. This happened prior to the service.  Luckily the Lord sent me a Christian man heavily involved in Truckstop ministries to minister to me during the chapel service, Randy. It was just me and him.  I told him what happened. He started sharing Scripture with me and the Lord used to him to give me spiritual nourishment after the afternoon event.  He is a trucker that good friends with another Chaplain at Truckstop Ministries. I am amazed how the Lord orchestrated that entire afternoon and evening. The Lord is good and I give him ALL the glory in today’s event. I know there are Angels rejoicing in Heaven after J.W. gave his life to the Lord.



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  1. Hi Robert,

    good to read of others out evangelising the lost.

    See my British website on the gospel:



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