Separated at Birth

April 25, 2010

You decide.


Stardate: 4232010

I was unaware of the massive parade on Gay Street early Friday evening.  Found one parking spot on the very top of the State Street parking garage. The crowd was very heavy. I grabbed as many Trillion Dollar Bill tracts and Fellowship Tract League tracts as I could carry.(estimate 300 tracts.) Before I stepped out of the car, I prayed for God’s blessing and leading. The parade had already started as I walked up and down Gay St.  The first 150 tracts passed out were the Trillion Dollar Lincoln tracts.  They went extremely fast due to the fact people were actually stopping me to get a bill.(That is welcomed especially when people ask you for Gospel tracts. )  After the parade ended, I walked with the crowds to whatever direction they were headed and passed out more tracts. Directly behind Gay St. is my fishing hole, Market Square. Music festivities and heavy beer drinking was taking place. I started passing out what I had left. There were a couple of “not interested” people.(It was a given.) Many were receptive to take anything given to them that did not cost anything except three seconds of their time.  One of the most hardest people to evangelize is Asians.  They will never take a tract, except on young college guy amongst his friends. However, once he saw what I gave him, it was thrown on the ground.  Only a couple of theories of why Asian people are not reluctant to take a tract: Buddhism faith, international college students not realizing you can actually live out the Christian faith in public in America,  and of course “not interested” mindset.

It was very great weather to pass out tracts, although as of this Saturday night writing this blog, it is pouring down rain.

Going back to my car, I only had like maybe less than five tracts left over. (total of tracts handed out: 295).  When I got to my car, I thanked the Lord for the opportunity to get the Gospel out to a large number of people and asked for the seeds to take root and whomever to repent of their sins and put their faith in Jesus.

Romans 13:1

“Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God.”

In the Sunday evening service(Truckstop Ministries, Inc.) at Watt. Rd. Petro gas station, two men came to the service. One man was a trucker and the other man was a traveling street preacher. I was blessed by both men as much as the Lord let me encourage them.

The street preacher was traveling as the Lord let him. He has a home in Louisiana and he has a home church when not on his circuit.  His next destination was Washington, D.C.  Now anytime I meet someone, I always pray for discernment. The more I talked with him and asked him questions, the more I actually was talking to a legit Christian street preacher. He told me of his Salvation story and how the Lord led him to become a street preacher.

Bob(the street preacher), was a Vietnam Veteran. He is also an Artist. He showed me his homemade bible tracts. The pictures were amazing. The scriptures he used were from the Old and New Testaments. He  was accurate on the proper application of the verses. (He gave me a couple of his homemade tracts.)

One of his  journeys was in Denver, Colorado. He was cited for disturbing the peace while preaching the Gospel in the open air.  He prayed for divine leading while in court. As he was praying on the way to the court building, he met a Christian lawyer. The lawyer gave him free advice on what to do in his situation. He was told to plead, “No Contest”, as opposed to “guilty” or “not guilty”. This would give him the opportunity to state his case off the record.

During the Court proceedings, the judge looked at the charges and quickly asked Bob to plead “guilty or “not guilty”.  Bob told the judge “no contest.”  Then asked to judge to make his statements off the record.  The judge with a smile responded by stating, “you’ve talked to a lawyer haven’t you?”

Bob told the judge he was exercising his rights to freedom of speech. Then asked the judge about the ticket. On the ticket the officer labeled him a street preacher. He told the judge how only God could give a man the title of  “priest” and a government official cannot issue him this title of “preacher”.   From a legal standpoint a government official issuing religious titles is not  legal. Government cannot impose religion on a man.

The second question Bob asked the judge was concerning the charge of “disturbing the peace.”  Bob said, “How can I be disturbing the PEACE, if I am declaring  my faith about Jesus, the Prince of PEACE?”  He mention the fact how traffic noise was just as louder.  When the judge heard his statement about the disturbing the peace citation while bringing a message about the Prince of Peace being contradicting, the judge told him, “Good point, go in peace, case dismissed.”

Afterwords,  the three of us sat down to dinner in the restaurant.  We share more about each other lives. It was an awesome time and encouragement from listening to these men and their Christian backgrounds.  Sometimes, the Lord lets me learn from others while he lets me minister to people. I am glad to have made new Christian friends last night.  To God be the Glory!

Gay man and Jesus.

April 12, 2010

As I returned from Monday night Bible study at church, I had a new packet of the Trillion Dollar Bills.(Lincoln on the front.) I pray for open doors. As I went walking up and down the University of Tennessee strip and passing out the bills, I was stopped by a homeless gay man, Jay.(Not his real name.)

Jay pulled me aside from his friends to talk to me after I gave him a gospel tract. He told me of his gay lover overdosing on drugs and died two weeks ago.  Jay was still grieving over the death of his lover. In my heart I prayed for the Holy Spirit to give me the words to say to Jay. Jay told me he was not saved but attends a small Catholic Church. The priest told Jay his lover was in purgatory.

I told Jay purgatory does not exist. I did tell him the story of the Rich man and Lazarus about prior to Jesus where the dead went. Then I told him after Jesus died and arose from the grave things changed. The believers are now with Jesus and the unsaved are still in torment.

Jay asked me to be honest and tell him where his former lover has gone.  I told him the Bible does not teach purgatory, only two places people will go once they die, Heaven and Hell. I told him I could only tell him what the Bible says. I told him I am not God and I am not his judge.  To comfort Jay, I told him in all honesty that if his former lover called out to Jesus before he took his last breath, then God says according to his Word in

Romans 10:13 (New King James Version)

13 For “whoever calls on the name of the LORD shall be saved.”

I told Jay to be comforted by what God has said in His Word and not in what man may say. I told him that he needs to call out to Jesus, repent of you sins and put your faith, you whole dependence and surrendering, to Jesus. I then told him John 3:16,17 For God so loved, Jay, that he gave his one and only Son, Jesus. That if Jay believes on him, Jay will not die but have everlasting life. For God came not to Jay to condemn him but that by him Jay may be saved.

I only tell people what God’s Word says. I dare not stand in the way of a man/woman coming to Jesus. Jay was broken. The Lord sent me to Jay to tell him that Jesus loves him. He kept the bible tract. I prayed for him and  that tonight, Jay will repent of his sins and put his faith in Jesus.

I told him I’m not here to condemn his gay lifestyle. I am here to tell you that Jesus loves you, died for you and wants to be his Savior.

His drunken friends dragged him away from me. As he walked away from me I called out to him that Jesus loves you and to call on Him and God will save you.

I started to pray immediately for him to repent and be saved. I told Jay during our conversation no matter how much he feels like God will never accept him, that if you(Jay) were the only person on earth, Jesus would still come to the world to die for YOU! You mean that much to him.

I can only trust the seeds planted in Jay will grow and that the devil will not snatch away the seeds. Lord rebuke the enemy off Jay right now so he can repent and put his faith in you, Jesus. Amen.

Guess what? Before the Sunday evening service at the Truckstop Ministries Chapel, a drifter came into talk. He had many problems in his life. He says he prays every time he is in trouble. So I opened up the question Do you have  a Spiritual Background. I was using the questions to the Share Jesus Without Fear book and bible. He couldn’t read the small print. So I asked him if I could read the verses too him. He said yes.  So I asked after reading each verse “What does this mean to you?”
During this time I had a man sent from the devil come in to distract the Evangelism process. The more I read the Word, the more the devil distraction shut up.
The man the Lord opened up to share the Word with was crying and I asked him if he was a sinner. He said he used to be. I took him back to the Word in John “If we say we have not sinned, we call God a liar.”  I asked him if he wanted to repent and accept Jesus into his life, he said yes. I opened up in prayer, then I told the man, J.W., to go ahead and start talking to God. He struggled and then I just told him to just talk to God and admit to God he is a sinner and he needs forgiveness from God and to repent of his sins and put his faith in Jesus. The other man got mad because he claimed he was a former Christian and said you become a Christian by speaking in tongues as evidence and that only God died for the elect. I shot back, in the power of Jesus, with the John 3:16 “For God so loved the world…..That WHOEVER believes in Him will not die but have everlasting life.:
J.W. went out rejoicing that Jesus was his Savior. The other man stayed to talk to me and was twisting Scripture like the devil. And in God’s Love I told the man I disagreed with what he was saying, told him I will stick with what the Bible says, shook his hand and showed him the door out!.
Later, J.W. came back sat on the porch and we talked more about how as a new believer in Jesus, he could read God’s Word with new spiritual eyes and God would make the Scripture come alive to him and to start by reading the book of John.  I shared with him when we first love God, that love would pour out to other people. Then I shared other Biblical truth with him in his walk.
I know there were areas I messed up in the Gospel presentation, yet I trust the Spirit was intercession on my behalf and God was in the tough new spiritual birth of a new brother in the Lord.
The devil did not want J.W. coming to know Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior, hence the crazed misquoting out of context demonic man.(Every time this man would talk, he would start making strange noises and said it was speaking in tongues, I thought it was demonic and not from the Lord.)

So pray for me continually. Especially the Spirit of God lead me and direct me in future endeavors the Lord gives me. This was a spiritually, mentally, and physically draining on me. This happened prior to the service.  Luckily the Lord sent me a Christian man heavily involved in Truckstop ministries to minister to me during the chapel service, Randy. It was just me and him.  I told him what happened. He started sharing Scripture with me and the Lord used to him to give me spiritual nourishment after the afternoon event.  He is a trucker that good friends with another Chaplain at Truckstop Ministries. I am amazed how the Lord orchestrated that entire afternoon and evening. The Lord is good and I give him ALL the glory in today’s event. I know there are Angels rejoicing in Heaven after J.W. gave his life to the Lord.


When the Lord gives you a passion for the Lost, then you want to take any open opportunity to get the Gospel in the hands of people.  Handed out  several pocket Gospel of John and Million Dollar Bills.  Came across two guys high and smelling like pot. Gave one of the Million Dollar Bills(MDB) to one of the men, then the other wanted a Million Dollar Bill. This happened on several occasions both on Friday and Saturday. I choose one person out of a small group to give a M.D.B. then the others start asking for a M.D.B.  I definitely will not turn away a person wanting a Gospel tract.

Currently reading “Share Jesus Without Fear” by William Fay. This is an excellent book. Bought it on Friday. Now I am already on chapter four.  Time is short. Share the Gospel with anyone you meet.  Go in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Around 830pm I arrived on Market Square in Knoxville, TN. The Dogwood Arts Festival was not opened late at night. Yet, there were hundreds of people eating, drinking, and enjoying a nice evening. The Lord gave me some creativity in distributing  Gospel materials. I had about 20 Gospel of John(NIV) and a handful of the Christmas Million Dollar Bills. So I place a bill in each of the Gospel of John books.  The idea was a person will more likely keep the tract if placed in the Gospel book. I only saw two GOJ with/tract on the ground and another person rejected a Gospel of John. However, out of the 20 Gospel of John books 18 were kept by the receiver and another 10 Million Dollar Bills were given out.

Just planted seeds and pray other brother and sisters in the Lord will come and help me harvest on the Market Square “Farmville”(My reality version  of the Facebook game “Farmville”) Remember the Lord is the one that makes the seed grow. I do not have time to do Farmville on the Internet. Yet, I love doing real spiritual Farmville among the Lost in Knoxville.

With Spring upon us and this being Easter weekend, I am excited at the awesome Gospel door openings God allowed on this Good Friday. I always pray up and let the Holy Spirit fill me up before any Evangelistic opportunities.  Thank you Jesus for the wonderful weather.

On this Easter weekend was also First Friday in downtown Knoxville. However, prior to going down to Market Square for First Friday, I went on the UT strip and handed out Gospel Tracts. After a quick lunch at Krystal, I proceeded to Downtown to meet up with Jim Shannon(Another Calvary Chapel Knoxville attendee.) to pass out tracts on Market Square and Gay Street.

The tracts I used were from Carl Kalbfleisch from .   Two of the tracts used had an Easter theme. The other tract was geared towards those inclined to the New Age movement.(The COEXIST tract.)

First Friday in Downtown Knoxville is a monthly event where the artsy people show off their art work and musicians play out in the open. On top of this going on downtown, An ecumenical “Stations of the Cross” services was being conducted.  These two events on a sunny day was an open door to spread the Gospel. Thank you, Jesus for the great open doors in Knoxville.

I estimated Jim and I confronted over 10o persons with a Gospel tract. One little boy came up to us and wanted one each of the different tracts we possessed.

One young college age man was given a tract. He had a bottle of beer in his other hand. He was a little buzzed.  A few moments later he returned to give us back the tract. He said he was a Christian. Yet, he was scared and apologized to us for drinking. His conscience was working overtime on him. He asked us about if drinking was a sin. We told him what the bible says about drunkenness. He gave us back the tract. Five minutes passed and he came back to us asking for the tract back. This was a first for me to have someone ask for a tract back that he returned to us after giving it to him in the first place. We told him he was invited to attend Easter service at the Bijou Theater this Sunday at 10 a.m.(Anyone reading this in driving distance is invited as well.) We prayed for this man Salvation and Repentance.

Those in attendance for the Stations of the Cross services in Market Square were walking from each station in a dead religious shuffle. God started to work in me to bring joy to these people of the power of the resurrected Jesus to enter their lives. I handed as many tracts to these gloomy people. They needed the love and JOYFUL power of Jesus in their lives.  Jesus is ALIVE! He has overcome the grave. The people need to know this fact. The Catholic priests conducting the service gave me the impression of dead religion, not the powerful relationship God wants to bring to the people.

I look forward in the next couple of hours for God to guide me to share the Gospel with the college kids heading to the bars to drink and party.  I love Jesus and I love people so much I want to tell them of the love of Jesus through his death, burial, and resurrection. People need faith in Jesus with godly sorrow(repentance) to escape the wrath of God and enter into Heaven.

Pray for me. Pray for those I share the Gospel. I want to remain humble, flexible and always go in the power of the Holy Spirit in being an Evangelist. Pray for me and hopefully God will provide the opportunity for me to be a full-time preacher. I am not fully satisfied unless I am proclaiming my faith in Jesus and sharing God’s Word to a dying world. If God wills, I want to be a full-time preacher/teacher.  This goes beyond feeling called, I know within my heart, mind, soul, and spirit that God has called me to the ministry. Ever since in July of 1996, when I talked back home in Carl Junction to my then pastor, Bob Simon that I believed God has called me to the ministry. Like Joseph and the dream God gave him and how long it took God to shape Joseph for his calling, God has shaped me and is continuing to shape me to be molded in his image. I have prayed to God if there is any other career he wants me to be in besides in the ministry, He needs to make it clear as day. So far nothing else is going to bring me the satisfaction as my calling to be in the ministry and telling others about the redemption of their lives through Jesus Christ.

Happy Easter everyone!