It has been awhile since I have been able to go to the downtown area without freezing to death and actually meeting people casually walking downtown and bar hopping. The weather was walkable tonight. So after talking with God, I grabbed some gospel tracts to distribute. The first stop was the UT bar strip, the second stop was Market Square, and finally to Old City area. Several tracts were both handed out and left in visible locations.  Jesus died for those partying in downtown Knoxville, many will not set foot in a church. So Jesus tells us to go to the sinner.

Now many of you will say, I evangelize by feeding the poor, smiling at someone, etc.   It is biblical to do good works and let Jesus’ love shine in us and through us. Yet, when Jesus fed the crowds and healed the sick, he did not stop with the act of kindness. The act of kindness was a “door opener” to present the Gospel. Yet, many of us fail to transition the act of kindness to share the Gospel with a person.(I don’t mean inviting a person to church, the Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses do well enough.) The Gospel is Jesus shedding his blood on the cross and rising from the dead to save those who come to him in repentance.

Many say, I leave the preaching and evangelism to the Preacher. Unfortunately,  the Great Commission was for all followers of Christ. You don’t have to quit your job and have mass crusades like Billy Graham. One way of evangelizing is to simply  give someone a tract. Many Christian bookstores and internet businesses have Gospel tracts. Just find one which fits your personality and can explain to someone if they inquire. Tracts are inexpensive and many places on the net you can get for free. Just use discernment in the tract us attain. Not all tracts are biblical or Christian.  My favorites are tracts from Chick tracts(the comic book tracts) and the Living Waters tracts(the million dollar bill tracts).

Praying for warm weather a.s.a.p.! Easier to hand out tracts when weather is warm and clear.