Salvation Message given to the Salvation Army

November 28, 2009

One of my favorite Christian organizations is The Salvation Army.  They have blessed many lives over the years. When disaster struck the town I grew up, they were the only organization to stay the longest and sacrificed time and effort to met my town’s needs.

I was recently downtown passing out gospel tracts. Walking along the sidewalk in front of the Mast General Store was The Salvation Army kettle and kettle bell-ringer.  I fished in my pocket for some change to drop in the bucket. The lady ringing the bell politely thanked me. I gave her a Christmas themed gospel tract. As I walked away, she stopped ringing the bell and read the tract. She started to ring the bell more, then she re-read the tract again. I kept glancing back and watch her ring, read, ring, read over and over.  I pray for some seeds to be planted. If she is unsaved, I pray she repent and place her faith in Jesus. If she is saved, I hope she is encouraged and gives the tract to someone else.


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