Chili Cookoff: A taste of Hell

November 8, 2009


I  was asked after church,  if I wanted to join a couple of other guys from church to the World’s Fair Park for the Knoxville Chili Cook-off.  So I grabbed a handful of gospel tracts and proceeded to the contest. One of the elders heard me wanting to take the opportunity to evangelize at the event, so he paid my entry fee.(Thank you, Chip.)

It was admission based to enter. The money went to Second Harvest Food Bank.(A very worthy cause.) Due to the fact it was a paid event in a public place, I had to be creative in the approach to evangelize. If I was outside the gate and on the sidewalk, I am free to handout tracts to  individuals. Since I was on the inside, the “time, place, and context” rules change. I could have started passing out tracts like nobody’s business. However,  not to  get kicked out(since I paid money to eat chili), I placed tracts on the tables and chairs around the vicinity. People had their hands full of samples of chili, drinks and free bag of goodies.  Passing out the tracts would have not been convenient. So, I figured at least lay a few on the table and get read. Then if someone did take one, they could put it in their goody bag.

Some of the Chili was good, two were excellent, two tasted like someone poured cigarette ashes in the pot,  others were bland, and one forgot to drain the grease off the meat.  One of the samples of chili was so hot, my head started to sweat profusely.

Speaking of hot, the main tract I left for people to read was very similar to this one.(The one I had was yellow and was a Community Chest card.)

get out of hell free


Hell is a real place.  It will be hotter than the hottest bowl of chili at the cook-off. Jesus talked about Hell. In the book of Mark 9:42-48, Jesus repeats three times this phrase concerning Hell,

“…Their worm does not die
And the fire is not quenched…”

As believers, we should be concerned for others. Many you pass by on a daily basis are most likely unsaved and will spend eternity apart from God and in Hell.  Ask God, to give you the boldness to share or at the least a tract to someone to read later.

This is an encouragement to those out street fishing. You can take opportunities like an event to share the gospel. Always pray before going to evangelize and after evangelizing.  God must always go before you and behind you. Always ask other fellow street fisherman of how they evangelized in a particular setting or what they could have done differently. Be ready in the likely event of an event to evangelize.


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