Thirty Minutes and Three Seconds

October 24, 2009


On this cool Saturday night, I walked for about thirty minutes along the UT Strip.(Cumberland Ave.) As college students were bar hopping, The Lord allowed me to hand out several Million Dollar Bill tracts.

One man complemented me on my Hawaiian shirt, for this he received a Million Dollar Bill. If someone approaches me and talks to me firsthand, they automatically get a tract.

I parked in front of the Papa John’s Pizza building. As I walked on the lot to my car, one of the pizza delivery guys drove in and parked his car to grab his next batch of pizza deliveries. I walked up to him and said, “Here is probably your biggest tip of the evening.” I handed him one of the Michael Jackson Million Dollar Bills. He laughed and said thank you.

Some days I am able to converse with those I hand a gospel tract. Other times, it is only a three-second exchange of the MDB(Million Dollar Bill) from my hand to another person’s hand.

I always begin and end in prayer. I pray for protection as I hand out gospel tracts and for seeds to be planted in the hearts and minds of the receiver.


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