Million dollar bill on 9/10 and 9/12

September 13, 2009

This past Thursday was a unique opportunity to give away three million dollar bill tracts.(Michael Jackson on the front.)
Walked into the Krystal on Cumberland(For those living outside the South, it is the redneck version of White Castle.) and saw three older black men playing a serious game of Chess. I told the men whoever won the Chess game would be the million dollar winner. Then I layed two more million dollar bills down and said the looser also get a million. Then I layed a third million dollar bill down(not a Michael Jackson one….I ran out of him. It was the one with Rutherford B. Hayes) and said this is for the person acting as the Judge over the chess proceedings.

At Mall East in Knoxville, I gave one million dollar bill to a person walking out of the mall. The man chuckled as I told him don’t spend it all in one place.
So there are places all around us to share our faith and handout tracts. It is not hard to hand out tracts. Yes, you may have to swallow some pride of what others think about you, especially if you encounter someone you know while handing out tracts.
Matthew 10:32 (New Living Translation)
“Everyone who acknowledges me publicly here on earth, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven.


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