Confrontation with Bro. Howard of a Legalistic Religious system

August 11, 2009

While out handing out tracts in the Market Square/Gay street area, I ran into a very fundamental KJV ONLY, suit, tie and slacks guy(Brother Howard). At first I thought he might be one of the Project Ezra gang or The Way of the Master. NOPE. We talked for a good twenty minutes. Now he was tickled there was someone else street witnessing. HOWARDEVER, He told me if I was going to do it, I should only be using a KJV ONLY bible, attend a church that only uses and KJV bible and if i was representing Christ, I should be wearing a suit and tie.(Not a Hawaii shirt and shorts. which is all I can afford at the time being at a thrift store.) I asked him about John the Baptist(Camel hair guy)…nope he was in the Old Covenant. I thought about firing back using scripture “I the Lord, God never change.” or using “Man looks on the outward appearance but God looks at the Heart.” the KJV only issue I should have pointed out that when people in other countries read the Word in their own language….its not KJV… I just let him have his say and I went on. With guys and churches like his(fundamental baptist church), they are very legalistic. It puts into my memory in the bible when the Religious leaders asked Jesus why his disciples did not do the ritualistic cleaning before eating. I thought I would share. I’m unsure to make an assessment to call “Bro. Howard” a wolf in sheep clothing or write him off as a false teacher, yet I would not want people going to his church and be constantly being beaten for not meeting up to their religious standards. Or would I be correct in calling him a “Jewdizer”, one that adds circumcision or rituals/outward appearances to the salvation process? I am all for preaching the word in all the world, yet I know in the New Testament, John the Baptist and Jesus went after the “religious” people and told them there were pit of vipers and sons of Satan.

Now I do have another side of my heart saying this guy does honestly love the Lord.  It is just he takes his stances on outward appearances and only using the KJV to extreme. No one is perfect. Yet it is hard to penetrate to people like Bro. Howard of how God is more concerned about the inward appearance more than the outward.

It just makes me wonder and see how the Devil will try to counterfeit Christian believers by using legalistic religious guys and ladies like Bro. Howard especially after my church(Calvary Chapel of Knoxville) went out in love not legalism to share the Good News of Jesus paying the pardon for breaking God’s law.


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