Gospel for Asia Part 2.

May 21, 2009

God has opened the door for me to pray for and support a native missionary in India. I have felt the power of the Holy Spirit fill me to overflowing from this step of faith. I sat down and figured my budget. After my tithes to my church(Calvary Chapel Knoxville, http://www.calvaryknoxville.org) and paying bills, God has shown me how to cut some expenses so I can be spiritually blessed by supporting the work of Gospel for Asia, http://gfa.org.   I ask for you to prayerfully consider the possibilities of partnering with GFA. If you are unable to sponsor a missionary at this time, consider a one-time gift in bibles, tracts, animals for food, radios, blankets, and many other tools needed to support a missionary and his church. You will be blessed. 100% donations received by donors goes directly into to those in need of support. Administrative costs at GFA are amazingly enough supported by those working at GFA. Those working at the offices of GFA raise their own support. You can rest assured all monies donated go directly into the mission field.


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